Australian Digital Advertising Practices

Australian Digital Advertising Practices

The Australian Digital Advertising Practices have been created specifically for advertisers by a cross-industry team of advertisers, media agencies and digital publishers and subject matter experts.

Endorsed by the Australian Association of National Advertisers (AANA), Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB Australia) and Media Federation of Australia (MFA), the Practices seek to:

  • - Educate: providing a common understanding of the digital advertising ecosystem (and dispel common misunderstandings)
  • - Encourage shared responsibility: ensuring advertisers, agencies, publishers and digital platform have shared insights and responsibilities for digital spends and outcomes
  • - Enable trust and confidence: building confidence and trust in digital advertising

While the Australian Digital Advertising Practices have primarily been developed for advertisers, given the rapid pace of chance within the digital advertising market we strongly encourage all players within the digital ecosystem to familiarise themselves with the content to better inform base line conversations they may have with current and future advertisers.

These Practices build upon and update the first version published in July 2018 and now include technical, market and regulatory updates, as well as an expanded section on the important subject of consumer privacy.

There will be future updates to Australian Digital Advertising Practices to align them with significant changes in the market. The working group for this document will also review any findings and recommendations which may come from the ACCC digital Ad Tech Inquiry which is scheduled to makes its interim report in December 2020 and final report in August 2021.