Article Watch February – 10 ‘Must Reads’ Powered by MediaScope

Posted by Lucy Halliday On February 19, 2014

Each month Denise Shrivell from MediaScope, offers a series of must read articles for the digital media community….

  1.  How ‘Big Data’ Will Transform Media Agencies (Chris Walton – Mumbrella) – if you operate in media agency land and you do not recognise the impact Big Data will have on your business, you will need all the luck you can get. As media agencies attempt to understand and adapt to the Big Data age, there are several factors that will be fascinating to see play out.
  2. Many Publishers Have a Bad Case of Platform Envy (Digiday) – publishers are seeing technology as a way to bring together authors, readers, outside contributors, as well as advertisers. Platforms like Facebook have unified systems that bring together all these different parts & are eating ever-larger pieces of the ad buy. It would make sense for publishers, struggling to recapture their mojo, to look to the approach of a company like Facebook as a model to emulate.
  3. Mainstream Media Growth Predicted – Jumps in Owned & Earned Media (AFR) – Starcom MediaVest’s 29th Media Futures survey is one of the first attempts in Australia to capture & compare spending intentions among marketers across their unpaid “owned & earned” channels with their paid advertising.
  4. State of the Media – The Miniseries – Video of last year’s ‘State of the Media’ Mumbrella360 session (hosted by MediaScope & TrinityP3) featuring a panel of marketers, agency & media owners. Good insights on the issues & challenges facing our industry.
  5. Why Everyone is Launching a News Site (NiemanLab) – ‘You’d think the new digital printing presses were minting money. Just within the last month, all kinds of details have emerged about the construction of new, digital, high-quality-aiming national news organizations, each with different business models & objectives’. Parallels to the Australian market in this fascinating & timely article….
  6. Digital MediaScape 2010/2011/2012/2013 – highly effective visual year on year comparison of the Australian digital trading market showing its ongoing & rapid evolution
  7. The data is finally in. Newspapers aren’t going to get enough digital subscribers – Mumbrella’s Tim Burrowes offers this comprehensive overview, arguing the latest paywall statistics are the strongest signal yet that paywalls will not make up for lost print revenues with the conclusion “Digital subscriptions will not save the newspaper business model.”
  8. 50 media trends and predictions for 2014 – interactive – (TheGuardian – Media Network) From advances in advertising to the digital developments affecting e-commerce and retail, a panel of 50 media and technology professionals highlight what they think will be the main trends, predictions and talking points of 2014.
  9. Please Click On Our Website’s Banner Ads (via TheOnion) – Regular Onion columnist – Hammond Morris – writes this funny parody imploring readers to stop reading his column immediately and to click on the wide assortment of banner ads currently adorning As he says “this may all seem somewhat untoward, and we can go through a whole dog-and-pony show here where I pretend that this column exists as a forum for ideas, and that I act as an independent voice who isn’t beholden to advertisers, and the power of the First Amendment, and blah blah, etc. etc. But let’s get real for a second here, okay? This column—nay, this entire website, this entire industry we call journalism—exists for one purpose and one purpose only: to sell ads. Lots of ads. Big, stupid ads.”
  10. The Joke Called Facebook Likes – The Ad Contrarian offers his unique and very straight forward perspective on the recent Facebook Fraud video with the comment ‘In the fullness of time, Facebook will be seen to be no different from any other website. Its primary value to advertisers will not be in the infantile fantasies of social media marketing — the value will be in its ability to deliver traditional paid ads to a large audience.’

Lucy Halliday