Display & Mobile Advertising Standards & Specifications

Posted by Jonas Jaanimagi On September 13, 2021 Technical Standards and Specs

The IAB Australia Standards & Guidelines Council have recently worked to consolidate all of the latest digital advertising standards and specifications – and ensure that they are easy to find and all in one place.

These are the specifications for Display & Mobile Advertising and includes both flexible and fixed size units. More information is available via the links towards the bottom of the page.

Fixed Ad Size Specifications:

For more information on these fixed ad size specs simply click here

Flexible Size Ad Specifications:

Flexible Size Ad Specifications are based on the consumer device landscape, operational efficiency for publishers, and the need for creative fidelity:

  • Devices are proliferating in different sizes and with multiple resolutions, especially for mobile devices.
  • Publisher content needs to be delivered to multiple screen sizes and requires ads that can respond to multiple sizes.
  • Creative design needs to scale to different sizes without losing its original message and impact.

Accordingly, flexible size ad specifications define aspect ratio based ad units that maintain their aspect ratio, adjust to the screen size, and can be integrated in responsive website designs.

For more information on all of these flexible size ad specs simply download the attachment below or click here

For the latest Creative Guidelines, including updates for HTML5, simply click here