Lexology: Cyber Security Quarterly Round-Up – October 2016

Posted by Christian Manie On October 23, 2016 Policy

This quarterly eBulletin provides a round-up of best practice, news and legislative developments concerning cyber security in Europe, Asia, Australia and the USA. Covered here:

  • EU Cyber Security Directive published in the Official Journal
  • UK Information Commissioner issues record fine of £400,000 for TalkTalk’s cyber security breach
  • Directors want companies to be held responsible for cyber security issues
  • UK Information Commissioner advises that Digital Economy Bill should hold directors personally liable for “nuisance call” fines
  • UK National Audit Office finds government data security lacking
  • Awareness of cyber risk increases but more needs to be done to enable risk transfer to insurers
  • Ransomware and Business Email Compromise on the rise
  • UK National Cyber Security Centre launched
  • Japan to launch Industrial Cybersecurity Promotion Agency
  • Australian mandatory data breach notification laws just around the corner
  • The 2016 #CensusFail
  • New cyber minister for Australia’s cyber security space

Read the full Roundup here.

Christian Manie