The Conversation: How EU data protection law could interfere with targeted ads

Posted by Christian Manie On August 03, 2016 Policy

The Conversation – June 23, 2015: The successor to the 20-year-old European data protection directive has inched closer to becoming law, having been approved by the Council of Ministers, which represents each of the 28 EU member states. This has led to howls of anguish from some parts of the computing industry, not just the usual suspects based in the US such as IBM and Amazon, but also European firms such as German software company SAP.

Data protection law governs who can gather and retain personal data, the circumstances under which it is allowed, and what they can do with it. The move to an increasingly digital economy makes this vital to get right: too little protection erodes trust and leaves businesses and individuals vulnerable, while overbearing rules make it difficult for organisations to work together. 

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June 23 2015

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