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The advertising industry is largely self-regulated through codes of conduct.

Below is a selection of resources you may find useful or interesting if you're keen to learn more.

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Podcasting Measurement Technical Guidelines

Update: The IAB Australia Podcasting Measurement Guidance and Local Market Update (July 2018) is now available to download

The IAB Australia Audio Council reviewed Version 2 of the IAB US IAB Podcast Measurement Technical Guidelines released in late December 2017, assessing suitability for endorsement in the Australian market. IAB Australia has since released the Podcasting Measurement Guidance and Local Market Update in July 2019.

Advertising Technology Purchase Guidelines - March 2018

Technology is essential to the proper functioning of digital advertising, but it is only a tool. It can’t single-handedly ensure effectiveness. To optimise your technology investments, your company must ask the right questions about the technology you are about to purchase. And in asking those questions, there is no template for today’s data-driven scenarios we are planning for, so transparency and knowledge sharing are a must. For that purpose, IAB Australia has created these guidelines.

From 22 February 2018, the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) will include a mandatory data breach notification scheme. This means you will have to alert authorities and all affected individuals about any ‘eligible data breach’ which takes place in your company.

IAB Native Advertising Playbook - Oct. 2017

The aim of this playbook is to give the industry simplified and consistent definitions to help increase awareness of the potential of native, as well as inspire marketers and agencies to invest in native as an effective communication approach.


Digital Fact Sheet Pack for MeasureUp Conference

IAB Australia's October Digital Fact Sheet Pack for MeasureUp Conference 2017.

Begin-to-Render Ad Measurement Model

"Served Impressions" has always been the industry standard for measuring the delivery of digital advertising. However, the methods and rules for counting served impressions has often differed amongst the different ad serving technologies, resulting in numerous discrepancies across the industry.

IAB Viewability Whitepaper - Dec. 2016

The IAB Viewability Whitepaper has been developed by the IAB Australia Viewability Taskforce with representatives of over 20 different media organisations (publishers, ad tech companies and media agencies).

Transitioning from Flash to HTML5: Dec. 2016

Flash is being replaced by HTML5. 

All major browsers are transitioning away from the use of Flash, and have introduced progressively greater restrictions. Safari moved to HTML5-by-default in September 2016. Chrome will follow in version 55, released December 2016. 

VAST 4.0 - Dec. 2016

The Video Ad Serving Template (VAST) specification was created by the IAB Tech Lab in the U.S. and has been examined by a Working Group of volunteers from IAB Australia member companies.


Also included are:


After careful review of the of IAB U.S. Podcasting Guidelines and consultation with a range of stakeholders IAB Australia’s Audio Advertising Council feels that these guidelines and the work carried out by the IAB in the US is applicable and valuable to the Australian market and IAB Australia has officially endorsed these guidelines.

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