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IAB Australia introduced two new professional certifications in Australia in 2014 – The Digital Media Sales Certification (DMSC) and Digital Ad Operations Certification (DAOC).

The purpose of the Certification Programme is to establish a standardised benchmark for digital advertising professionals. The programme helps individuals and companies accelerate their growth in digital advertising, raise the standards and perception of our industry and provide a foundation for career advancement. The programme is also a useful tool for recruitment and professional development.

Created by industry subject matter experts and a leading test development company, the assessment-based qualification is managed by an independent Certification Commission. This differs from the many ‘certificates’ available in the market which can be gained from simply attending a course rather than passing a controlled exam.

The Certification Programme is the highest industry credential; created by the industry, for the industry. The programme has been running in US since 2012 and is currently available in Singapore, Canada and Australia – with more markets to be announced soon. So far, over 6,000 professionals have been certified. Several companies, such as AOL, Collective, and IDG now use the Certification as a standard requirement for entire sales teams.

how does it work

who is eligble

how can i get certified in Australia

how can i prepare for the exam

when can i take the exam

how much does it cost


how does it work

The Certifications can be obtained by passing a carefully designed exam at one of the many Pearson Learning Centres around the world. The exam can be taken during any of the quarterly test windows.

The Certification is valid for 2 years, after which you can either re-take the exam or requalify by obtaining continuous education credits through learning activities such as attending events, writing articles, etc.

Those with more than 5 years’ experience can, in most cases, take the exam based on their working experience and self-study using our detailed study guides and materials. Whilst there is no training course required to pass the exam, IAB also offers training courses for those with less than 2 years of experience or who feel they need to brush up on their skills.

who is eligble

In order to be elgible to take the exam, you will have to have worked in the digital advertising industry for 2 years although options also exist for graduates. For full eligibility criteria please see below:

Digital Media Sales Certification – Eligibility Criteria

Digital Ad Operations Certification – Eligibility Criteria

how can i get certified in Australia2

The Certification exams are available during quarterly test windows; however, the application can be submitted at any time. The exam can be taken at the many Pearson test centres throughout Australia. You can find your nearest test centre here.

The application process is managed by IAB US and US based Certification Commission. Please note that you will first need to contact IAB Australia before starting your application, in order to access the discounted Australian rates for members and non-members. IAB Australia will issue you a specific code that you will use in the application to access the discounted rates. As you start your application, you will be required to set up logins to the IAB US website, these are not the same as your logins for IAB Australia website. The application form will take approximately 15 minutes to complete and you will be required to include details of your past experience so please have these ready.  Please contact us for your discount code and to start your application, please click here.

Once you have been approved (this can take up to 15 days), you will receive an email confirming your approval with details on how to schedule the exam at one of the local test centres. Please note you cannot schedule the exam until you receive this email and your unique candidate ID.

Registration is open year-around but the exam is only offered once every quarter. The 2-hour computer-based exam is offered in a controlled test centre (Pearson VUE) with various locations in major cities throughout Australia. You will be given a pass/no pass mark immediate at teh centre with the certification mailed to you a few weeks after. 


how can i prepare for the exam2

Digital Media Sales Certification (DMSC)
Those with 2+ years of experience can, in most cases, take the exam based on their knowledge and skills gained on the job. The IAB US has also crafted detailed study guides and materials that you can use to freshen up your digital knowledge.

If you have less than 2 years of digital sales experience, we recommend attending our Digital Media Sales course together with self-study of the study materials. The course is ideal for those who might have plenty of traditional media sales experience but are new to the world of digital.

Digital Ad Operations Certification (DAOC)
The DAOC is for both agency and publisher side professionals with a minimum of two years of work experience in digital advertising operations. Digital Ad Operations is defined as those work processes that enable, transact, track, measure and evaluate the buying and selling of digital media inventory for publishers and agencies, but can also include operational roles in the companies and for the services that enable publishers to optimise the selling of digital media and agencies and marketers to optimize the planning and buying of digital audiences.

Those with 2+ years of experience can in most cases take the exam based on their knowledge and skills gained on the job. The IAB US has also created a detailed study guide and materials that you can use to freshen up your digital knowledge.

when can i take the exam2

 The test windows for 2015/2016 are as follows. Once your application has been approved, you can book a date and time that is convenient for you during that test window. Most of the Pearson testing centres have good availability options. Applications can be submitted at any time, however please note that it may take up to 15 days to be approved so please start the application process well in advance of the test window you are looking to attend.


 Digital Ad Operations Certification (DAOC)  Digital Media Sales Certification (DMSC)

1 Oct – 15 Nov 2015

1 – 31 Jan 2016

1 – 30 Apr 2016

1 – 31 Jul 2016

1 – 31 Oct 2016

1 Nov – 15 Dec 2015

1 – 29 Feb

1 – 31 May

1 – 31 Aug

1 Nov – 15 Dec 2016

 how much does it cost

IAB Australia is offering its members and Australian-based non-members preferential rates compared to the standard IAB US rates. IAB Members benefit from additional discounts. You can see the pricing below. IMPORTANT – to benefit from these discounted rates, please contact us BEFORE you start your application so we can issue you with a code for the application. If you are not yet an IAB Australia member but would like to join, please click here.


IAB Members


Exam Fee (includes a $50 non-refundable application fee)



Retake Fee (if candidate does not pass the first time)

USD 125

USD 175

Cancellation fee 
(with > 24 hours notice)

$0 (exam fee refunded)

Cancellation fee
(with < 24 hours notice, i.e. “no show”)

USD 95

(plus $50 recertification application fee)

USD 175

USD 225 

Additional Certificates

USD 25 each

 *Please note that all the Certification fees are in USD.