ReachLocal: ‘ReachDisplay GeoFence’, Harnesses Power of Geofence Technology to Track Measurable ROI

Posted by Christian Manie On July 06, 2017

SYDNEY, Australia,  29 June, 2017: ReachLocal, a leader in powering online marketing for local businesses, today announced the launch ofReachDisplay GeoFence, a location-based mobile advertising solution that harnesses the power of geofencing technology and makes it accessible, affordable and quantifiable for businesses of all sizes.

ReachDisplay GeoFence is the industry’s first ‘packaged’ geofencing solution that includes the benefits of location-based mobile marketing with the ability to track true conversions to see measurable ROI (return-on-investment).

“Mobile advertising is an incredibly powerful tactic that every business should consider and ReachDisplay GeoFence is one of the most targeted, hyperlocal advertising strategies possible,” said Justin O’Sullivan, Managing Director of ReachLocal Australia.

“This location-based mobile technology enables a business to define a specific, geographic area for displaying its ads on mobile applications, and then target customers in close proximity to their business which can lead to an increase of in-store visitors. It also puts a company in front of consumers where they are spending the majority of their time – on their smartphones,” said O’Sullivan

ReachDisplay GeoFence uses advanced location-based targeting technology to enable a business to pinpoint and target customers where and when products and services are relevant to them. This can be in close proximity to their store, showroom or business, however also at a complementary store or at a promotional event. Once a business sets up the ‘geofences’ for its campaign, consumers are targeted based on the GPS signals of their smartphone.

ReachDisplay GeoFence also uniquely enables conversion zones that track offline store visits or physical consumer behaviour from mobile ads. This allows businesses to attribute walk-in customers and purchases directly to a ReachDisplay GeoFence campaign. It also intelligently tracks the impressions, clicks, calls, and online form fills from ads, so businesses can see all their leads and results from advertising in one place.

According to O’Sullivan, Australian consumer shopping behaviours continue to evolve rapidly with growth in online and cross-channel shopping preferences and the prolific use of mobile devices in Australia. With the pending entry of Amazon into the Australian marketplace it makes it all the more important that local businesses play to their strengths and use the latest technology to attract customers.

“As a result, geographically targeting customers across platforms has never been as critical as it is today, and it should not be costly or prohibitive for any business to take advantage of this new technology,” said O’Sullivan.

Mobile devices are the most common way for a consumer to shop, browse or research a product or service online and Australia has one of the highest smartphone usages in the world at more than 80 percent[i].

“Customers are not only researching your product or service via mobile they are researching complementary products and services. As a result, it’s important to also consider other businesses that may complement yours and target their customers as well. For example, a hairdresser can target a nearby nail salon or makeup store, so customers can see its ads and call for hairstyling services when they may be getting ready for an event or occasion. The possibilities are endless and savvy marketers will convert this technology into real sales very quickly,” said O’Sullivan.

Pricing for ReachDisplay GeoFence starts from as little as AUD$500. Geofences can then be added or removed depending on budget and the audiences a business wants to reach throughout a campaign.

For more information on ReachDisplay Geofence click here.

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