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March starts our important Future of Measurement project, entailing a full review of digital audience and cross-media measurement in Australia. This project will deliver a plan encompassing measurement solutions, standards for content measurement, ad measurement, delivery and verification, as well as guidelines and best practices. We need as much input as possible here, and I implore you to get involved by taking our survey. As well as the survey we are carrying out a wide range of in-depth interviews with local and overseas industry folk. So if you feel like you have more to say than can be expressed in the survey please get in touch directly. We will be presenting the results of this project at our Measurement Town Hall event at the end of the month as well as continuing the conversation at this event – we are limiting the number of tickets per organisation for this event to ensure we have a wide range of voices.

87% of agencies used streaming audio advertising in 2018: That was the headline this past week from the IAB Digital Audio: State of the Nation. The report provides an important snapshot into audio advertising buying habits, intentions and confidence in Australia across broadcast radio, streaming digital audio, DAB+ and podcasts. IAB Members can download the full report as well as a handy infographic with key findings.

IAB Tech Lead Jonas Jaanimagi and the Executive Technology council have updated the recent Auction Mechanics Handbook with industry feedback. This update provides the market with a more in-depth look at Header Bidding, the resultant impacts and a guide to some of the nuances related to auction mechanics. I would recommend our recent podcast with Jonas and Rohan Creasey from Rubicon if you are interested in the programmatic space. 

Industry revenue results for CY18 will be released next week in the IAB/PwC Online Advertising Expenditure Report – you will undoubtedly see some press on this and the full report and data set will be up online for our members. 

Also, don’t forget you have only two days to get tickets for Programmatic Summit 2019 this Thursday, and IAB members get a 15% discount. Email our Head of Membership Jenn Thomas at for your discount code. 

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IAB Australia
IAB Australia is reviewing the digital and cross-media measurement landscape. We invite stakeholders in the industry to share their views on current challenges and priorities in providing marketers and agencies with more confidence in assessing their digital brand advertising investments. The information collected in this survey will be used to prioritise industry measurement projects for 2019 and beyond. Survey participants will be eligible to win one of two IAB Australia MeasureUp conference tickets. 

The Future of Measurement Project
Commencing this month with extensive engagement with key stakeholders and industry bodies in the local market on the buy and sell side, and an assessment of various developments in overseas markets. The Future of Measurement Project will see the IAB deliver a plan that encompasses measurement solutions, standards for ad measurement, delivery and verification, as well as guidelines and best practices, with the goal of delivering data and meaningful metrics to marketers, agencies and publishers to enable them to assess opportunities and track performance in a complex cross media world. 
Audio State of the Nation Report - Wave 3
Streaming audio advertising was used by 87% of agencies in 2018, and one in four experimented with podcasting advertising .... The IAB Audio Advertising State of the Nation covers broadcast radio, streaming digital audio, DAB+ and podcasts. It is an independent research report conducted annually by Hoop Group and IAB and is in its third year. We received 241 completed surveys from decision makers or influencers about the allocation of marketing spend & either placed or planned audio advertising campaigns. 

Auction Mechanics V 2.0
After receiving feedback from the industry, we have updated the original Dec. 2018 edition of this handbook in Feb. 2019, covering the impact of Header Bidding on both programmatic buyers and sellers as adoption continuing to grow across publishers and ad formats. These levels of adoption will only increase as Header Bidding is now becoming increasingly prevalent within both in-app and video inventory. This update provides the market with a more in-depth look to Header Bidding, the resultant impacts and a guide to some of the nuances related to auction mechanics. 

Australian Online Landscape Review
The digital landscape saw 20.7M people actively surfing online in December 2018, with Australians 18+ spending an average of 94 hours online per person.
Programmatic Summit 2019
ONLY TWO DAYS LEFT. Join the best minds in the industry at Programmatic Summit on 7th March 2019 at the ICC Sydney. Into its 5th year, the Summit is firmly established as ANZ’s Programmatic Industry Showcase. It’s the largest gathering of ANZ’s programmatic industry. Topics will cover all aspects of programmatic advertising and the summit will provide insights into how this fast moving industry is evolving. Brought to you by Ashton Media in partnership with IAB Australia, it’s a must-attend event for both buy side & sell side executives within the media and advertising industry. IAB Members receive a 15% discount: email us for the code.
Measurement Town Hall Meeting
Join IAB Australia on Monday March 25 at 8:30 am for our 2019 Measurement Town Hall. Developed by the IAB Measurement Council, this Town Hall meeting will see the IAB present its new The Future of Measurement project, and is a chance for agencies, marketers and publishers to hear from experts in the field and share their thoughts and concerns around digital audience measurement.
The IAB Australia Podcast

Auction Mechanics:  Let’s Talk about Header Bidding
Programmatic is a continually changing area in digital advertising and can be rather complex in places. One area of huge change over the last few years has been the wide-scale publisher adoption of Header Bidding which has resulted in dramatic innovation in the digital advertising ecosystem. We chat to Rohan Cresey of Rubicon Project about Header bidding and more.
The Video Advertising Market
We talk to Ricky Chanana (Managing Director AUNZ) and Heath Irving (Head of Programmatic and Partnerships ANZ) from Unruly about instream and outstream video ads, outline the growth of video revenue and options in the Australian marketplace, how creative agencies are keeping pace with growth with fit for purpose ads, and the metrics that marketers and agencies are focusing on.

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  • Audience Measurement Council - March 7
  • Video Advertising Council - March. 12
  • Ad Effectiveness Council - March 20
  • Mobile Advertising Council -  March 28
  • Audio Council - June 5
  • Standards and Guidelines Council - TBD

How to incorporate video into the customer journey
Leading demand gen marketers recognize that their job doesn’t end once a prospect signs on the dotted line. It’s crucial to the marketer’s and the organization’s success to continue nurturing that customer’s relationship with the brand’s product and/or services.
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What is Header Bidding and Why Should You Care?
Header bidding, also known as pre-bidding, is an advanced programmatic technique where publishers offer inventory to multiple ad exchanges at the same time before making calls to their ad servers (mostly DoubleClick for Publishers) ...
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The Psychology of Shopping
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Header Bidding, Auction Mechanics and preparing for the next evolution of programmatic advertising
Jonas Jaanimagi | IAB Australia
As technology continues to drive the adoption of automation in advertising many of the details at the coalface of its operations, particularly in digital, remain a mystery to most of us. There have been dramatic operational changes in programmatic advertising over the past 24 months or so, and we are keen to drive industry alignment in what is a very innovative and commercially aggressive space.
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