Other Industry Training

In addition to the IAB training courses, there are several other reputable training providers covering various digital marketing topics. To make your search for digital marketing training courses easier, we’ve listed below some of the providers in Australia. Please check with each individual provider for course details and booking.


As the Association for Data-driven Marketing and Advertising, data-driven marketing is at the heart of everything ADMA teaches. This means the courses ADMA provides, whether they have a focus on digital or offline marketing channels, give you the skills to ensure your marketing is measureable and effective. ADMA combines 20 years of expertise in education with the knowledge of their instructors, who are subject matter experts and practicing marketers at the forefront of their fields. Courses are updated each time they are run, and new courses are regularly added to reflect real-time changes in technology and best practice. And now, ADMA is becoming one of Australia’s largest online educators for marketing and advertising. So you have even more options to suit your own study preferences.


AdSchool is an industry recognised training program in advertising for people working in the advertising and marketing communication industry. Conducted by The Communications Council, its short courses cover all disciplines of advertising and marketing, are designed for all levels from trainee to senior executive level and are taught by senior industry practitioners. Established in 1991, each course is developed in close consultation with industry groups, practitioners and academic education leaders. Courses are taught by leading advertising and marketing specialists who share their IP. Classes comprise a mix of lectures, case studies, demonstrations and group work. All sessions involve active student participation and discussion, as well as a series of practical exercises and group activities. Student work is assessed through assignments, class participation and exams, and students receive certificates for successful completion of individual courses or workshops.

Digital Nation

Digital Nation is the knowledge and training hub for digital services businesses wanting to accelerate growth and profitability. We’ve trained over 500 agencies, publishers and corporates on commercial and operational skills such as digital project management, account management, financial management and mobile apps strategy. Along the way we’ve inspired industry best and smart practice, by connecting with leading thinkers and practitioners. We’re proud to support profitable digital businesses.

Digital Training

Digital Training created the Digital Cadet school in early 2006. Since then our offering has expanded to incorporated industry level training courses plus bespoke company training programs for agencies, advertisers and publishers. We love new ideas, new thinking, and new ways of looking at the world that bring out the best in us as human beings. We believe digital communications are one of the key catalysts today for new thinking. We believe that many of the new values driving the change in marketing practices and ultimately marketing success these days arise from the digital landscape, what it means to be successful in digital marketing equates to overall marketing success. Core values such as Transparency, Collectivism and Collaboration are arising from the Digital landscape and driving new marketing and business priorities resulting in more Value to the bottom line. We train agencies and marketers in the art and science of Digital Communications because we love to inspire people to think differently and in the process, in some small or big way, to move us all towards a more transparent, collective and collaborative world.


Google AdWords Certification Program is a globally recognised stamp of approval which showcases knowledge of the latest AdWords tools and best practice techniques and will enable you to effectively manage AdWords campaigns. For further details, please visit: http://www.google.com/intl/en_au/adwords/professionals/.
Google also offer several free live and recorded Webinars ranking covering topics such as Search, Display, Mobile and Analytics. To view, please visit: http://www.google.com/ads/experienced/webinars.html