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As recognised in the ACCC’s Digital Platforms Inquiry (DPI) Final Report, an advertising funded model provides substantial consumer benefits, by providing with little or no charge access to a broad range of content and services as selected by particular consumers to meet their individual preferences and interests.

IAB Australia is looking to work with both Industry and Government to identify the best approaches to meet the new consumer focused privacy recommendations as well as drive further transparency and education in the ad tech supply chain.


GDPR Update: What do the new laws mean for Australian Digital Media and Advertising Companies?

In less than six months, every country within the EU will undergo the greatest change in decades to data protection laws. The changes come into play on 25 May 2018 and are seen as a step change - not a revolution - for data protection processes and rights in the EU.

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New digital data legislation proposed for 2019

New laws slated to be in effect in 2019, will give consumers new rights to use their digital data, and data holders permission to be proactive about data possibilities.

The Data Sharing and Release Act (DSR) designed as part of a new data management framework, by the Productivity Commission (PC) and proposed in the PC’s recent report examining Australia’s use of data, will create a new lens through which to view data; as a valuable asset being created and utilised, not merely a risk or an overhead.

Regulations     Regulations     IAB Australia     2017

The IAB Australia Display Creative and Mobile Creative Guidelines have been updated to fully embrace HTML5 technology as the new standard for ad creative. 

IAB Australia Logo
IAB Australia Logo

The IAB Australia guide to digital advertising policy and regulations includes everything you need to know about existing marketplace rules and regulations, as well as the key policy issues and debates shaping digital industries, all in one place.

IAB Australia Ad Blocking Toolkit 2016

IAB Australia presents its Ad Blocking Toolkit, which answers all the frequently asked questions that consumers, publishers and anyone involved or interested in digital advertising might need answered. 


Native Advertising Principles: IAB and AANA - Nov. 2015

The Australian Association of National Advertisers (AANA) and the Interactive Advertising Bureau of Australia (IAB Australia) have jointly launched best practice principles for online advertising which is in the style of editorial content, commonly known as Native Advertising.

Interest Based Advertising (IBA), also known as Online Behavioural Advertising, delivers advertisements to the users of an Internet-enabled device based on Web browsing activity or interests demonstrated on that device, or ‘behaviour’ of that device.

IAB Australia Online Traffic Fraud White Papers

Advertisers expect that all online content is viewed by human audiences - real consumers who have the potential to buy a product or service. That is not always the case.

Mobile Cookies 101 2013

This paper was written for advertisers, agencies, and marketers who are familiar with common practices in digital advertising on desktop browsers—specifically cookie tracking and optimisation—but who need a better understanding of how these work on smartphones and tablets.

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