12 days of holiday resources 2023

On December 14, 2023

As we approach the end of 2023, we bring you some valuable resources that have been released across the year for you to explore. We look forward to working with you in 2024! 

1. Expand your skills with online short courses

IAB Australia has a variety of online short courses that will expand your expertise to excel in the dynamic digital landscape. There are courses on digital ad fraud, market mix modeling, retail media, programmatic digital out of home, audio advertising, affiliate marketing and ad effectiveness. 

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2. Insights on Australian online shoppers

IAB and Pureprofile’s annual Australian Ecommerce Report, examines consumer attitudes, behaviours and influences driving ecommerce. This year the report highlighted how retailers must look to win over cost-of-living pressured online shoppers by ramping up value propositions and providing relevant shopping experiences suited to the current economic climate.

Download the Australian Ecommerce Report 2023

3. Independent and robust digital audience planning data

The IAB endorsed digital audience measurement currency, Ipsos iris, launched earlier this year. Ipsos iris provides data about the number of people who visit the content of digital publishers and platforms. Ipsos iris will continue to evolve with the integration of CTV audience currency from a data partnership with OzTAM coming soon. 

Check out Ipsos iris data in our range of nickable charts and Digital Landscape Report

4. Professional development

IAB Australia’s Mentorship Program was launched in 2019 to support up-and-coming talent further their career in the industry with mentorship from senior industry leaders. Thanks to our generous mentor volunteers, who have to date have supported over 350 people in our industry.

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5. State of the nation according to digital ad buyers

Over the last year IAB Australia have conducted a range of industry surveys amongst marketers and ad agencies to understand their experience with various digital ad opportunities including in the areas of video, gaming, affiliate marketing and audio. These state of the nation reports help industry prioritise initiatives that drive business performance for marketers.

Check out the state of the nation 2023 series

6. Marketing measurement innovation series

Successful marketers are adjusting their toolkits to meet consumers' greater expectations for data privacy. The Marketing Measurement Innovation series provides perspectives on how the future of marketing measurement is being shaped by first-party data, advances in machine learning and evolutions in resilient techniques such as Market Mix Modelling. 

Check out the Measurement Innovation Series

7. Guidance on digital video formats

The digital video landscape continues to deliver exciting opportunities for ad buyers. The IAB’s digital video one pagers provide an overview of the various digital environments, how they work with other buys and any key watch-outs that may be useful.There are one page resources on short form editorial, short form content, BVOD, AVOD/SVOD, Social, FAST and Live. 

Check the digital video one pagers 

8. The best minds in digital advertising discussing the topics that matter

Events: Across our 13 events in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, we showcased, discussed and even debated topics including video, data, privacy, measurement, sustainability, AI, talent, game advertising, retail and affiliate marketing.

Review our IAB event content and Check out our event dates for 2024!

Podcast: The podcast offers an opportunity for industry experts to come together to educate and share best practices for innovative digital advertising. This year we have covered topics of streaming tv, ecommerce, AI, the future of search and much more.

Listen to the IAB podcast series

9. Collaborative industry response to the Privacy Act Review Report 

IAB Australia provided detailed feedback to the Attorney-General’s Department in response to the Privacy Act Review Report on behalf of the digital advertising industry. Promoting understanding of our industry, the impact that the proposals would have on our industry, as well as the value that our industry provides to consumers, will continue to be a priority for the IAB.

Read the IAB Australia submission to the Privacy Review Report

10. A gauge on industry talent

The third edition of the IAB Australia Digital Advertising and Ad Tech Industry Talent Review provides market data on vacancy rates, distribution of talent in terms of location, gender and roles as well as the most in demand roles in the market. The report also includes data on talent related policies in ad tech and digital advertising organisations.

Check out the Digital Advertising and Ad Tech Industry Talent Review

11. Building awareness and educating about digital ad fraud 

In the IAB’s Digital Ad Fraud Handbook you can find objective guidance on digital ad fraud to build awareness, education and provide a foundational starting point for both buyers and sellers to better understand the issues and work collaboratively to mitigate any potential associated risks.

Download the Digital Ad Fraud Handbook

12. Guidance on data collaboration

The IAB’s Data Collaboration Platforms Explainer provides meaningful guidance, comprehensive definitions and best practices in the realm of compliant data collaboration for the purposes of digital advertising. The explainer has essential insights on the broad spectrum of products that facilitate data collaborations, including Data Clean Rooms. 

Download the Data Collaboration Platforms Explainer