IAB NZ: msn case study

Posted by IAB Australia On December 22, 2011 Research & Resources

Brief: Leverage customer reviews to stimulate positive word of mouth and trial
Client: Clinique
Brand: Repairwear Foundation and Serum
Target audience: Females 30-60 years
Platforms: MSN.co.nz. Beauty Clique
Agency: phdiq

The world needs to know you’re here and your products solve a problem. After all, not being seen is the same as being invisible. While advertising takes many forms, the job remains the same: to funnel consumers from awareness to the act of reaching for their wallets. The faster people travel through the funnel, the bigger the profit. Word of mouth – that highly elusive but all-powerful infectious chatter that removes all doubt by independently validating marketing claims – is widely regarded as a sales accelerant. Smart online publishers have been quick to create environments that span both conventional promotion and word of mouth marketing.


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