Lynx Party across the Internet

Posted by IAB Australia On November 24, 2009 Research & Resources


September – November 2009 winner: Lynx Party across the Internet
Client: Lynx
Creative Agency: Soap Creative
Campaign type: Banners, rich media, viral
Industry: FMCG

Campaign Information
To launch Lynx Superfresh and engage the elusive young male market, Soap crafted a mind bending online experience that blurred the lines between advertising, social media, entertainment and interactivity. Once consumers arrived at the destination site, they were taken on an unexpected journey across various sites on the web, and given the opportunity to partake in games such as a pillow fight with a “wild girl” before landing on the Lynx Facebook page.

Approximately 100,000 people took part in the Party Across the Internet Experience and the campaign generated 68,000 new fans for Lynx on Facebook.

Judge’s Comment
Undeniable cut through, great media strategy, top notch execution, and most importantly a really nice idea at the heart. Oh, and hot chicks.



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