MediaMind: Using online display to boost store traffic

Posted by IAB Australia On April 12, 2010 Research & Resources

MediaMind’s new research analyzed both direct response and retail brand campaigns served between Q3 2009 and Q2 2010. According to the study, the optimal frequency for online retail campaigns are between four and six exposures, but most users received only a single exposure to each campaign. For retail brand campaigns, the study indicates that users are more likely to engage with ads that they have already seen, and therefore low exposure frequency can jeopardize overall campaign performance. For retail direct response campaigns, the study indicates that as many as four impressions per viewer yield above-average conversion rates.

The study also confirms that retail advertisers continue to spend more during the holiday season. MediaMind’s data from 2007 to 2009 shows that one third of all global retail online ads are spent in November and December. This is compared to only 6% of ads served during January and February.

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