Tracking in a Post-Cookie World

Posted by Kailei Ginman On February 10, 2014 Research & Resources

This document has been developed by the Future of the Cookie Working Group in collaboration with the IAB’s Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence.

About the IAB’s Future of the Cookie Working Group: The Future of the Cookie working group is reimagining the technology used to identify consumers across multiple sessions and devices in a way that promotes greater persistence of both identity and user choice. The starting point is “Imagining a world where HTTP cookies were never invented.” More information can be found at:

About the IAB’s Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence: The IAB Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence, an independently funded and staffed unit inside the IAB, is charged with driving the growth of the mobile marketing, advertising and media marketplaces. The Mobile Center devotes resources to market and consumer research, mobile advertising case studies, executive training and education, supply chain standardization, creative showcases and best practice identification in the burgeoning field of mobile media and marketing. Our agenda focuses on building profitable revenue growth for companies engaged in mobile marketing, communications and advertising, and helping publishers, marketers and agency professionals understand and leverage interactive tools and technologies in order to reach and influence the consumer. More information can be found at:

IAB Contact Information:
Brendan Riordan-Butterworth
Director, Technical Standards
(212) 609-3734

Belinda J. Smith
Senior Manager, Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence
(212) 380-4720


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