A Brief History of Digital – It’s Always Good to Reflect

Posted by Guest On April 28, 2017

Like all the important things in life, there is always a time to look back at the past. History always teaches us a lot about people, development and the future. The same applies to digital and technology.

When we look at digital advertising, we all see a very young industry that is still evolving and changing. That said, the roots of all things digital goes back to 1843.

The IAB team recently took some time out with digital training company Decoded to get the history lesson.We were reminded that Charles Babbage invented the first ‘computer’ and we learnt that Ada Lovelace, daughter of Lord Byron, wrote the first computer program.

One of the most striking learning points for me, is the difference between the internet and the World Wide Web. The internet is all about the underground cabling that connects the world whilst the World Wide Web is about the algorithms and protocols invented by Tim Berners Lee that allow us to communicate and connect with a single standard. HTTP changed the internet and allowed the web to come alive.

As marketers and media executives get into the weeds, it’s worth taking time to better understand the history of the internet. Firstly, its genuinely interesting especially when Chris from Decoded tells it. Secondly, you get a much deeper appreciation of the foundations of our industry. You can see the points of inflexion, how they seem to get closer as the digital clock progresses.

I think it also helps you understand both the inevitability of digital progression; the evolution of the 21st century and you also get a strong sense of its pervasive nature. This goes into every aspect of life and much deeper than advertising and communication.

Most days, we get stuck into the issue of the day. Sometimes, it’s worth taking a step back. It’s incredible what you can learn and it gives any marketer or media executive a deeper view of the possibilities.

Download the Infographic here