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Ipsos iris: IAB endorsed digital audience measurement currency 

Ipsos iris is the industry endorsed digital content measurement system for the planning, buying, and reporting of digital audiences in Australia.

Ipsos iris is an inclusive, standardised currency providing a level playing field for comparison of digital audience reach and characteristics, along with other insights about the 21 million Australians aged 14+ who access the wide variety of text and video, digital content and services on Smartphone, PC/Laptop, Tablet and Connected TV devices.


Ipsos iris is an independent, single source of truth for all industry stakeholders

Ipsos iris is endorsed by the IAB as the sole and exclusive preferred supplier for the provision of digital audience measurement data in Australia.

Robust, transparent and independent data from Ipsos iris enables media owners to assert their value proposition and prove greater audience differentiation, as well as instilling confidence in agencies and advertisers for media planning and investment decisions. 


Ipsos iris has expanded video audience data across multiple devices including Connected TV

Ipsos has partnered with OzTAM to report BVOD video audience across multiple devices including Connected TV in Ipsos iris. The integration of OzTAM's data into Ipsos iris is a key innovation of the IAB currency and represents a significant and world first industry collaboration between media industry measurement bodies.

OzTAM’s BVOD data (for streaming and catch-up services offered by TV broadcasters including 9Now, 7Plus, 10Play, ABC iview and SBS On Demand), is sourced from OzTAM VPM (video player measurement) - Australia’s official measurement for BVOD content.  TV networks can provide a complete audience sizing for their digital video and media assets within the Ipsos iris trusted currency environment. It also allows media planners to combine and compare BVOD audiences across devices, including CTV, with the breadth of media brand and other digital content and service audiences, inclusively measured by Ipsos iris.

This integration represents the beginning of expanded CTV metrics in Ipsos iris, which is set to include streaming services, video sharing and social media platforms.

Audience data for video viewing on websites tagged across Smartphone, PC/Laptop, Tablet is also available in Ipsos iris.

A single-source, multi-device panel distinguishes the Ipsos iris methodology

Ipsos iris has been built for the Australian market in collaboration with IAB Australia.  Ipsos iris brings a hybrid methodology combining metered data from a high quality, nationally representative, single-source passive panel with site-centric census measurement. 

The multi-device panel captures behaviour across all devices from all panellists which greatly improves the accuracy in solving cross-device deduplication, the biggest challenge in measuring online audiences.

The methodology incorporates media owner tagging to deliver daily overnight traffic volume. Ipsos iris increases the coverage and rigour of off-platform audience measurement by including Apple News, as well Google AMP, Google News, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and more.

Ipsos iris is a stand-alone measurement system that is privacy compliant to current Australian law and GDPR standards, as well as having the flexibility to evolve with changing Australian regulation.


Access Ipsos iris in more places

Subscribers can access Ipsos iris in a single, easy-to-use reporting interface. All data, metrics and profiles for media planning are accessed in one easy to use cloud platform.

Ipsos iris is integration ready with media currencies, platforms and DMP and direct access is available via an application programming interface (API).

Bespoke published charts and infographics are available from the IAB Australia Research & Resources and ranking tables are available from the Ipsos iris website.


Ipsos iris is built on significant industry collaboration

The launch of Ipsos iris with data from January 2023 onwards is the culmination of extensive work by the IAB and its Measurement Council, that commenced in early 2021 with a strategic review of industry requirements. This strategic review, conducted by Venture Consulting, formed the basis for the industry standards and specifications of a tender that was issued in May 2021, inviting measurement vendors to submit their services for evaluation.

 The IAB’s objective with the tender process was to endorse new standards aligned to the evolving needs of the industry. 16 measurement organisations expressed interest in responding to the tender. 3 short-listed vendors were evaluated and scored individually by a technical review group consisting of members of the IAB Measurement Council, MFA and the IAB Board.

Ipsos was awarded the IAB’s endorsement, having best met the standards on criteria across all areas of product (incl methodology, coverage of devices/content distribution/formats, metrics, demographics and audience characteristics, reporting and UI), along with criteria for operations and future roadmap.

Ipsos iris is adaptable to the changing requirements of the media, consumer and technology landscape and will continue to evolve with industry oversight throughout 2023 and beyond.


Ipsos iris is also the industry currency in the UK 

Ipsos iris has been the digital audience currency in the UK since January 2021 and the contract is extended until 2027.  You can find out more about how Ipsos iris in the UK on the UKOM website.


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