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Student Corner

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Explore the wide range of career options the digital advertising industry offers!
Dive into a wealth of resources designed to propel your journey into the dynamic world of advertising. Whether you're an undergraduate, soon-to-be graduate, or an educator, find what you need right here in our Student Corner.

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4 easy steps to get to know the advertising industry

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of advertising and understand its many facets. Equip yourself with valuable insights and data to chart your course in this dynamic landscape. 

start with some nickable slides

Delve into the heart of the advertising industry with our nickable slides. Understand digital consumption patterns, ad revenues, and ad effectiveness, and how they shape today's media landscape.

step further with reports, guides and whitepapers

Browse through our collection of resources tailored for early career professionals. These encompass diverse topics, from data and privacy to gaming and video, providing a comprehensive understanding of the industry.

get to know the players

Check out our member base and learn about the leaders in the advertising field. Discover their vision, values, and the exciting opportunities they bring to the industry.  For resources from IAB members visit Resources from Members

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end the day with a story

Gain valuable insights from case studies the most effective digital campaigns. Understand the strategies employed, their execution, and the outcomes, enabling you to learn from the best.

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