International IABs

The IAB global network

The IAB Global Network is a collaborative community of 45 IAB organisations from around the world, committed to advancing the digital advertising industry. With members across North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Asia Pacific, and Europe, the network brings national IAB’s together to pioneer global solutions to shared challenges, offer a united perspective on the latest trends, and uphold standards across markets. 

By coordinating activity on an international basis, the IAB Global Network ensures that IABs are taking a united and cohesive approach when it comes to liaising with Governments around the world. It provides a forum for IABs to pool resources, share ideas and – ultimately – forge new initiatives that span continents and are fit for our interconnected industry.

Between them, members of the IAB Global Network represent over 4,000 companies across the digital advertising supply chain – including publishers, ad tech companies and media agencies. The high number of IAB members and the number of markets covered means that the IAB is a hugely significant global organisation. Working with the IAB is a highly effective way for governments and regulators to liaise with and get feedback from the global digital advertising market. Below is a list of IAB chapters and you can click here to see a sample of members drawn from approximately 20 different national IABs. The list has been deduplicated where possible so that companies who are members in multiple countries only appear once. Membership is subject to change; this member list is correct as of 2023 and will be updated in 2024.

South and Central America

Argentina Brazil Chile Colombia

 Asia Pacific

Australia Hong Kong New Zealand SEA & India


Austria BVDW (Germany)    
Bulgaria Europe FDIM (Denmark) Finland
France Greece Hungary INAMA (Croatia)
INMA (Norway) Ireland Italy Macedonia
Netherlands Poland Portugal Romania
Serbia Slovakia Slovenia  
Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey
United Kingdom Ukraine    

North America

Canada Mexico USA  

Middle East & Africa

South Africa

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