AdTech Matters – Insights from the Programmatic Summit, The 2021 AI Index & Standards for Responsible Addressability & Predictable Privacy

On March 17, 2021 adtech matters, artificial intelligence, Privacy, Programmatic, programmatic summit

Every fortnight we’ll bring you some recent technical updates and trends that we feel you’ll all find useful. Today’s topics include:

Standards For Responsible Addressability And Predictable Privacy – four proposed standards have now been released from IAB Tech Lab as key outputs from Project Rearc. We take a closer look.

Insights from the Sydney Programmatic Summit 2021 – some personal views and key insights from last week’s programmatic summit in Sydney.

The Stanford 2021 AI Index Report – Stanford University’s Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (HAI) Index report for 2021 has recently been released. This report tracks, collates, distills, and visualises data related to artificial intelligence. We provide a cheat sheet.

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