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Posted by IAB Australia On March 11, 2015

Each month Denise Shrivell from MediaScope, curates a series of must read articles and insights for the digital media community to help you stay up to date and informed.

– The ‘MediaScapes’ have had a makeover. These well-known guides of the Australian commercial media landscape appear in presentations and on office walls throughout the industry. MediaScapes map all channels including:

5 Priorities for Media Directors (WFA) – Major industry body – The World Federation of Advertisers – asked members to comment on their key challenges. Feedback focused on 5 key areas – Measurement, transparency, resources, partners & innovation.

12 Sales Trends for 2015 (Sue Barrett) – Constantly changing business, tech & economic environments impacts the strategies & methods sales teams take to market. This now annual guide highlights the new sales trends which can be applied for today’s sales people. Interesting read as always.

Programmatic’s Presence in Print – (MediaPost) – “Programmatic ad tech is, ultimately, just a way for marketers to trade media, & there’s media to be traded in print. Print, by virtue of being the oldest, was simply programmatic’s final frontier. What should be surprising is that it took this long to see print ads sold via a programmatic platform.”

The Tipping Point in Media Trading – Are We There Yet? – for at least 2 years the major structural issues affecting the media trading sector have been highlighted in the industry domain. Here we look at the many articles & presentations which have highlighted these challenges. Surely it’s time for a more positive focus now and a discussion on solutions to these much discussed issues.

Publishers Hunt for the New Ad Sales Unicorn (Digiday) – “Programmatic selling isn’t killing media sales — it’s just forcing the role to evolve. Today, selling ad space means not only maintaining relationships with clients but also understanding the ad tech ecosystem, which is both tough to understand and is constantly changing. And not many salespeople have both skill sets.”

The Evolution of Agency Trading Desks – & What it Means for Holding Groups (ExchangeWire) “As Publicis’ Vivaki trading desk is restructured, they now want their individual agencies (such as Starcom MediaVest, & Zenith Optimedia) to take responsibility for the trading of media, making programmatic part of the core media planning process. This idea seems to be gaining traction across the advertising agency holding groups.”

The Future of Advertising: What Will 2025 Look Like? (Guardian) – “Advertising will move from communicating to predicting, & emoting, based on human needs. We’re going to witness a shift from obsessing over what advertising looks like, to what advertising feels like. & in 2025 we’re going to have the technology to make people genuinely happy.”

What Full Service 2.0 Would Mean for Media – (MediaWeek) – Talk of reviving the full-service agency is back in vogue where talented people work together without any agenda but client success. But how does planning & buying fit in with a more balanced marriage between creative & media?

The Marketing Department of the Future (Moz) – A comprehensive look at how marketing departments & agencies should structure themselves in light of the need to integrate traditional & Internet marketing & build a strong strategy over time. “The traditional marketing practices of yesteryear are still relevant today – the only difference is that we are operating in an increasing number of available communications channels called the Internet.” Good comment stream too.

– February saw the passing of New York Times’ Media Journalist David Carr. Here this short video shows a ‘tense’ meeting between the late, great media reporter & Vice magazine executives. It should be said that a few years later David became a fan as Vice evolved its journalistic platform.

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