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Posted by Denise Shrivell On February 04, 2016

MediaScope Updates:

Major Media Agencies by Holding Company – showing WPP’s 61% takeover of STW
20 Iconic Australian TV Ads – To celebrate Australia Day we look back at a selection of iconic TV advertisements. Read More
MediaScope’s 2016 Predictions – “I feel more positive about 2016 than I have done for a few years and there are several reasons for this. I think Australia now has a leader that more people buy into than we have had for a while…” Nunn Media’s Chris Walton – Read more…
Digital in 2016 – We’re very excited to share our huge new Digital in 2016 report: We Are Social’s comprehensive study of digital, social and mobile usage around the world. This year we’ve decided to produce a report in three distinct parts: Digital in 2016, 2016 Digital Yearbook and The Executive Summary.

How digital media will change our lives in 2016 (Lee Stephens on Adnews) – If there is one thing the Australian media love to do is talk about themselves. Now is the season for 2016 predictions about the future of our industry, particularly how digital media is going to change our lives as consumers, marketers and media buyers. Here are lesser-known trends that can help you make a difference in 2016:

2015 Numbers, 2016 Outlook for Advertising, Mobile and Emerging Markets – (Monday Note) In past months, ad blocking has been all over the news cycle. The number of ad blocker adopters is rising quickly, especially in tomorrow’s key demographics: the young, tech savvy, likely to become affluent consumers.

David Bowie and Lessons in Leadership (LinkedIn) “Farewell, David Bowie; global superstar, rock icon, writer, singer, actor, artist, the very personification of cool, my hero and very astute businessman. You may not have 10% of his talent, I know I haven’t, but there is much we can all learn from him and here are 6 things that I’ve picked out.” 

Streaming wars: what impact is Stan, Presto and Netflix having on the media landscape? – (Mumbrella) In the past 12 months subscription video on demand (SVOD) players such as Stan, Presto and, in particular, Netflix, have impacted substantially on the media landscape. The problem is measuring the precise nature of that impact on a medium like TV. 

ABC Tech Journalist Turns Whistleblower on their NBN Coverage. What will the impact be on our industry with sub-standard digital communications infrastructure?…
False Balance: If, Buts & Whys of ABC Story
Failed Estate: ABC Fenced In
Media Censorship & the NBN
Sad Story of a Broken ABC
ABC Tech Editor Claims NBN Coverage Gagged
Tech site Delimiter’s Long Term Coverage of the NBN

Welcome To The Walking Meeting (Steve Sinha on LinkedIn) “Bring a good pair of trainers & a bottle of water”. Based on extensive meeting experience over the years it seemed a strange request but all became clear the next day. Practical Tips & 5 great locations for an effective walking meeting.

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