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Posted by IAB Australia On August 08, 2014

Each month Denise Shrivell from MediaScope, curates a series of must read articles and insights for the digital media community.

5 Digital Video PurePlayers Forging the Way (MediaBriefing) – As YouTube continues to generate the bulk of online video ad revenue, there are a growing range of digital video specialists competing with traditional publishers for what’s left.

Advertisers: Get Comfortable with Ambiguity (MediaPost) – “The best thing that ever happen to advertising has been the arrival of data and accountability, but it’s also been the worst thing. The uncomfortable truth of advertising is that we have no idea what real-life metrics are shifted by what we do. There are simply far too many variables that we can’t control.”

MediaScape Updates – latest updates to this well known maps to the Australian media landscape. MediaScapes appear on office walls throughout the industry!

Digital MediaScape – latest update to the increasingly complex and fast evolving Australian digital media trading landscape

Media Agency MediaScape – major advertising companies and their Australian media agencies. Updated 2013 RECMA data now applied.

CrossDressing: Walmart (DougWeaver) – With Walmart launching its own digital marketing platform, effectively becoming sort of a media buyer (& sort of an agency), leveraging a treasure trove of sales & behavioral data on behalf of its suppliers it feels like the marketing world is getting curiouser & curiouser, & that the basic notions of identity & structure in the advertising world are falling away.

What if Rupert Murdoch Really is Unstoppable – & Immortal? (AdAge) – Through Murdoch’s move to buy Time Warner he not only appears to be unwilling to take no for an answer, but also convinced that he will live forever – & that eventually he’ll own every global media company of consequence. He may he right on one or more of those counts.

Trends Shaping the Global Ad Business (Linkedin) – Sir Martin Sorrell offers 10 Trends including the shift in power to the East & South East (Latin America, India, China, Russia, Africa, Middle East) & supply outstripping demand in the manufacturing sector – ‘however this trend is reversed in the talent sector’.

Doing Digital: 10 Rules from the Frontline (Linkedin) UK based Aussie expat – Liam Brennan – outlines his 10 point manifesto as he begins a new role as Digital Strategy Director with Starcom, reminding us “the digital opportunities may have changed, but many of these simple rules haven’t.”

MediaScope’s Brains Trust – Coming to Australia – The Australian advertising and media landscape is becoming increasingly competitive with both home-grown and overseas businesses entering our market at an unprecedented rate particularly – but not solely – in the digital media sector. Here we ask MediaScope’s Brains Trust to share their tips for businesses entering our unique Australian market.

Do Advertisers Still Need Paid Media? (INMA) – Yes, according to new research where campaigns that leveraged different combinations of paid, owned & earned media ended up with the best results.

Newspaper circulation: How Far it’s Fallen & How Far it’s Got to Fall (MediaBriefing) – An interesting & sobering look at the long term decline of newspaper circulation in the UK since 2001 shows a free-fall from 12.06 million copies sold on average each day to a daily average of 6.89 million copies sold in May this year. The numbers show how radically things have changed in a relatively short period of time, & how much further print circulation looks set to fall.

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