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Posted by IAB Australia On July 09, 2014

Each month Denise Shrivell from MediaScope, curates a series of must read articles and insights for the digital media community.

How Programmatic Works (Forbes) – this short explainer video has recently been doing the rounds and goes some way to explain the complexity behind programmatic media trading – worth a look!

Advertising Trends: Unilever is Out in Front (eConsultancy) – Overview of Unilever’s marketing efforts as ‘they find smarter & more efficient ways to promote their products by moving more services in-house & continuing the shift from paid media to a greater investment in earned & owned media’.

Search to unearth Google Australia directors returns ‘0’ (SMH) – a recent investigation reveals the truth: Google has been exaggerating the amount of tax it pays in Australia by 2388 per cent. It paid $295,727 in 2013, not $7.1 million as is often reported. This is from estimated advertising revenue of $2billion –

Programmatic Trading: The Language of Love for Media Buyers & Sellers (MediaBriefing) – “While automated buying has captivated the buy-side of the ecosystem, the sell-side is yet to be wooed. Media owners have traditionally been wary as a result of their experiences with display advertising in which the introduction of real-time bidding (RTB) saw unit pricing decline, with a number of publishers suffered losses.”

Mad Men or Math Men? Just released interview with WPP’s CEO, Sir Martin Sorrell who says – “three quarters of our projected revenue is stuff that Don Draper in the 60’s wouldn’t have known of. So this balance of mad men, math men, of art & science, left brain, right brain – is really very important & we have to understand it”

Q&A with Site Tour’s Founder, Micheal Scruby – Site Tour’s founder talks about his entry of this new digital out of home programmatic platform into the media trading market, his pilot program with digital media trading desk – Cadreon – and future plans.

State of the Media Session – Marketers are struggling with the increasing complexity of the industry, the challenges of managing their agency roster & more as highlighted in a video & panel discussion co-hosted by Darren Woolley from TrinityP3 & Denise Shrivell from MediaScope at Mumbrella360 in early June.

Whose Existential Crisis is More Severe? Adland’s or the Media World’s? – It’s telling that as adland was taking over Cannes with its annual ritual of heartfelt self-congratulation, ad-supported digital media was having its own crisis of faith about … digital advertising. Last Tuesday, Jordan Weissmann of Slate, the original online magazine, published a post titled “We Have No Idea If Online Ads Work.”

Wunderman CEO Daniel Morel: “Not Enough Ad Dollars To Support Everything Out There.” – (AdExchanger) – Media outlets have proliferated over the past 10 years,” said Daniel Morel, chairman and CEO of WPP-owned digital agency Wunderman. “But somehow, the purse size of the CMO hasn’t changed that much. If you measure the size of the growth of media outlets and the money available for communication, maybe that growth is 5% a year? Measure 5% growth over the past 10 years compared to the size of media growth and you’ll find there’s a huge gap.”

Quartz, Business Insider and Forbes on different ad strategies for a global business audience – (MediaBriefing) – This month two upstart business-focused digital publications, Quartz and Business Insider, ramped up their global expansion with hires and launches joining the online edition of Forbes in targeting a high-value global audience with an ad-based free access model aimed at the gaps left by others who have chosen the subscriptions route (such as the Wall Street Journal and Financial Times). But while all three are going after the same tantalising audiences, their approach to making money out of them varies significantly.

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