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Posted by Denise Shrivell On April 07, 2015

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Breaking News & Views from March – make sure you’re across all the local breaking media related news and views through this handy list.

MediaScape of Australia’s Mainsteam Media Ownership – with media reform on the agenda yet again this updated guide to Australia’s mainstream media landscape will be fascinating to watch.

A Manifesto for Global Media Agencies (CampaignUK) – Dominique Delport, the global managing director of Havas Media Group, provides his manifesto for global media agencies: “We are the change agents. Our success will depend on the speed at which we are able to transform ourselves – to leverage data & content in everything we do, & bring science & measurement to operate programmable media.”

The Changing – & Unchanging – Structure of TV (Stratechery) – Comprehensive article which considers the overall structure of the TV industry & how & why that structure is evolving with the advent of the Internet & mobile devices. “If advertisers are increasingly unable to reach their intended audience on TV, they will seek other channels”.

Ad Sellers Face Harsh New Reality: Evolve or Find Another Career (AdAge) – “Advertisers are demanding that publishers apply reams of data to target their ads, which, by the way, should appear within the stream of editorial content, get significant social-media promotion & be as bespoke as possible. & they’re trying to squeeze publishers on the price every step of the way. As a result, legacy publishers are taking a pickaxe to calcified sales departments.”

Our Marketing Models are Broken. We Need to Make a Shift (Forbes) – “Marketing used to be pretty simple. You developed a compelling message, used mass media to broadcast that message to large audiences & grew market share. Now mass marketing has shifted to mass personalisation & messaging & targeting have given way to activation. It is no longer enough to simply grab attention, we have to hold attention.”

A Tricky Transition: Getting Digital Ad Sales Teams Ready for Programmatic (AdExchanger) – “Most publishers that are embarking on a programmatic solution will quickly reach a fork in the road with their direct ad sales strategy. Depending on what direction they take, they could be headed for obsolescence & interference or to an expanded offering. To reach the latter, they must have the right strategy & platforms, & pay attention to the technology & human factors that can sometimes make the transition complicated. To get the most out of a combined sales strategy, steps must be taken to reorganise the ad sales team.”

Train or Die: How to Cultivate the Next Generation of Media Leaders (Adage) – ‘It’s clear that we are facing a serious shortage of ad tech talent where the industry needs to engage in active partnerships with brands & agencies to develop the talent these companies need to move into the next phase of programmatic adoption. You have to realise that there’s no Academy for ad tech; we are the academy.’

Thoughts on Media Business Revenue Models (MathewIngram) – ‘Was the business model behind Gigaom — a combination of editorial, events and subscription research – part of the reason the company failed, or was it the execution of that model?’ A comprehensive look at the failure of Gigaom which asks ‘was the revenue model fundamentally flawed, or was it just poorly executed?’

In the Era of Programmatic, What Should Media Agencies Do Next? (Medium) – ‘The media agency business model is being shaken to its very foundations with large media players investing in their own technology & data platforms in an attempt to defend their position. It’s a gamble. By exchanging purchasing power for data power, they hope to exploit the prevailing lack of transparency by developing new high-margin media products & thus salvage their earnings. However, what they should actually be doing, in the interests of their clients is…’ Read More

What Brands & Publishers Should Know About Facebook’s Developer Conference (Digiday) – ‘Facebook is gradually positioning itself to become the data, media-consumption & sharing backbone for the entire digital media industry by providing the means by which all media is published and accessed. Here’s what brands & publishers need to know about this evolution…’ Read More

– The Chief Marketer of 2016 (CMO) – “A recent global study looking into the future of marketing finds today’s CMOs are struggling with a growing number of digital marketing solutions, touch points & silos of digital data.” But there is hope as they are able to increasingly access the correct skill-sets, marketing tools & technologies to deploy effective data-driven marketing strategies and tactics.”

25 Predictions For What Marketing & Advertising Will Look Like in 2020 (FastCoCreate) – “Just as technology consumer behavior will evolve in unpredictable ways between now & 2020, the ways marketers react to—or perhaps influence?—these new developments will also change in ways we can’t fully imagine now. But if anyone can offer a credible forecast for the near-future trends that will change the way brands connect with people, & the way creative companies will work in the next few years, it’s the people who are most influencing the ad & marketing world right now.”

– Agencies Cheating Clients Says Former MediaCom CEO. No S***, Says Me – The AdContrarian offers a wrap & his unique take on former MediaCom CEO Jon Mandel’s recent views regarding rebates & client ‘arrangements’. Have a look at the comment stream too.

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