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Posted by Denise Shrivell On June 03, 2015

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– Breaking News & Views from May – make sure you’re across all the local Australian breaking media related news and views through this handy list.

Creative Agency MediaScapes – a new set of MediaScapes mapping Australia’s creative agencies – a relevant landscape as publishers increasingly shift their focus to these agencies as a touchpoint in the planning decision. The adtech sector is also strengthening relationships here as creative is seen as key to programmatic’s progression & growth.

Everything to know about Mary Meeker’s Annual Internet Trends Report:
Mary Meeker’s Annual Internet Trends Report – Mary Meeker, from US VC firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, presents her 20th, 197 slide report covering global internet trends.
Our Eight Favourite Slides (Which50)
The Cheating Strategists Guide to Mary Meeker’s Digital Trends (ServantofChaos)
Mary Meeker’s Big Presentation Shows a $26B Opportunity in this Growing Area (BusinessInsider)
The Scariest Chart for Newspapers in Mary Meeker’s Deck Has Gotten a Little Scarier (Nieman)
The Most Important Insights from Mary Meeker’s 2015 Report (Techcrunch)
Mary Meeker’s Stunning 2015 Presentation (BusinessInsider) – Top Slides from Mary Meeker’s Annual Report (AdAge)
Mary Meeker Cites Slower Internet Growth (WSJ)
8 Interesting Charts on How the Internet is Changing (Hubspot)

Advertising Lessons from John Nash (AU Expat – LiamBrennan) – Liam reflects on John Nash’s recent passing outlining how his favourite applications of Nash’s game theory thinking helps in negotiations with media owners & gives the proof point on why brands should advertise. Fascinating.

Who Will be Hurt Most When the Tech Bubble Bursts? Not VC’s (Techcrunch) – “The debate over whether Silicon Valley is sitting on another tech bubble rages on. It is being fueled by many celebrated “unicorns” that have attracted billions of investor dollars at sky-high valuations without demonstrating the returns. These unicorns are fast becoming the new normal in the VC space, however the biggest losers may be the employees &, perhaps, even the founders.”

How Advertising Sales Data Will Turn The Sales Funnel into an HourGlass (MediaPost) – “It’s time to retire the sales “funnel” as the sole metaphor for a marketer’s audience engagement tactics & replace it with the “hourglass.” Why? because an hourglass is an actionable funnel, & with today’s dynamic marketplace being driven by actionable data, an advertiser’s relationship with a customer does not end when a consumer makes a purchase. It begins.”

The Future Proof Sales Person (AdExchanger) – “Any advertising salesperson planning to work more than a few years in this profession must be thinking about the impact of digital evolution on their job. Some say the profession will disappear. Others say the profession will be unrecognizable in its current state in a just a few short years. This checklist outlines the skills of a future-proof salesperson”.

Virtual Reality: The Next Big Advertising Medium is Here (Forbes) – “During a recent US panel discussion several marketers, agencies, & publishers suggested that virtual reality, along with its cousin augmented reality, may be closer than we realise & may also be the next big advertising medium.”

Should Agencies Acquire or Build a Technology Stack to Stay Relevant (ExchangeWire) – “Most ad agencies have already made the decision to incorporate programmatic media buying into their client offer, but the question remains: should we keep using our existing technology strategy (specifically renting a demand-side platform, DSP) or should we invest and take our technology in-house? Several areas need to be analysed.”

Data is the New Currency for Publishers (ExchangeWire) – “Audiences need to be defined with data & insights that go beyond their own boundaries, leveraging not only site visits & browsing behaviour but going deeper into users’ interests, intentions, & demographic composition. For data to be valuable it requires scale, & it is this imperative that has driven publishers to start exploring data alliances with one another & join forces with former competitors.”

Mad Men 2025: Industry Leaders Predict the Future (AdAge) – As “Mad Men” comes to a close, today’s agency leaders were asked what “Mad Men” would look like if it were set 10 years from now. Answers from Martin Sorrell & other senior industry leaders included this interesting insight – “In 2025 the world will still be suffering from the great digital collapse of 2023, billions & billions of zettabytes of data lost forever & the global economy in ruins. When the riots are in full swing, the streets are burning & all seems lost, an ad-guy pipes up & says “I think I’ve got an idea….”

Sales Staff Getting the Hang of Programmatic (MediaPost) – “The rise of programmatic advertising sales was greeted with some trepidation on the part of human sales staff & media buyers alike, both understandably worried about encroaching automation — in short, the fear that they would be replaced by computers. While there is doubtless still some fear in the air, there are also some encouraging signs that programmatic sales by computers & human ad sellers can play nicely together, & indeed profit from each other.”

My Rocky First 24 Hours with the Apple Watch (Medium) – “This is a good first attempt at breaking into an entirely new category & I commend Apple for taking such big public risks on new things, but being version 1 is just that: it’s very version 1.”

Binge-Watching Programmatic (DougWeaver) – “Let’s imagine for a moment that the whole programmatic saga – multiple seasons – were available for download on Hulu Plus or Netflix and we got to pull up the covers and binge-watch the whole thing over a long weekend. I wonder how differently we’d see the story.”

State of the News Media 2015 (PewResearch) – This annual report surveys the landscape of U.S. journalism, covering topics ranging from the changes driven by mobile devices to the ups & downs of legacy news organisations including the insight – “Financially, the newspaper industry continues to be hard-hit”.

Bill Gates’ Predictions from 1999 (MarcusKirjonen) – Outlined at the base of this article are 15 Predictions from Bill Gates’ 1999 book – Business @ The Speed of Thought. ‘When we consider the state of the computer industry back then, many of these are amazing.’

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