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Posted by IAB Australia On June 01, 2014

Each month Denise Shrivell from MediaScope, curates a series of must read articles and insights for the digital media community.

Mary Meeker’s ‘Must Read’ 2014 Internet Trends Report – “Mobile usage is expanding rapidly, while the mobile advertising opportunity remains largely untapped. The report reviews the shifting online landscape, which has become more social & content rich, with expanded use of photos, video & audio”

Karen Stocks – Managing Director of Twitter Australia – shares her views including her plan to make Twitter Australia their most successful office globally

Why It’s Time to Confine Media Agencies to the Dustbin (MediaWeek) – Havas Media’s Chief says “It’s time to put an end to the term ‘media agency’ as head marketer highlights the need for a deeper understanding of business, over promising the “one stop shop” concept, & facilitating more client & media owner interaction.” Excellent read.

Is It Any Wonder There is So Much Confusion over Marketing Technology? – (TrinityP3) – “One of the biggest challenges for marketers is how to embrace technology. As CMOs are seen to be bigger spenders on technology than their equivalent CIOs or CTOs, many marketers are struggling with the best approach to transforming their digital marketing to marketing in a digital age.” Featuring the digital MediaScape.

The Leaked NY Times Report is One of the Key Documents of this Media Age (NiemanLab) – ‘an astonishing look inside the cultural change still needed in the shift to digital — even in one of the world’s greatest newsrooms. Read it.’

Why Marketers Can’t Crack Mobile (AdAge) – “Brands have witnessed the proliferation of an ideal marketing platform — a connected device that consumers obsess over & carry everywhere — and not come close to cracking it.”

Advertising in 2020 (Forbes) – Industry ‘heavy hitters’ including the CEO’s of Publicis, PHD & Saatchi’s are asked the same 3 questions on current & future visions for the ad business. Their answers illustrate a range of diverse perspectives & forward views for our industry.

Publicis Omnicom Wrap – everything you need to know from industry reaction to the merger announcement last year, to it’s death a week ago – & now murmers of a Publicis initiated hostile take-over of Omnicom. It continues to be fascinating to watch.

Facebook’s Ellie Rogers – shares her views through this Q&A including “Every meeting I go to I feel like I am in a bingo hall – with top 10 ‘keywords’ of the last few months being ‘automation, data, mobile, social, DSP’s, CRM, integration, native, content, & hyper targeting’. Drop any of those into a sentence, & you are sure not to be voted out of the big media house”.

21 Digital Marketing Trends for 2015 – (TopRankBlog) – 21 of the most senior US Marketers tell where they’re putting their forward marketing efforts. Insights from Dell, Cisco, IBM, Google, Intel, Marketo & LinkedIn.

Why Mars & Qantas are Investing in In-House Digital Skills ( – Australian brands at this week’s CeBIT Conference say they’re investing in internal skill sets to tackle the digital marketing paradigm & address agency skills shortfall.

12 Native Advertising Examples & Why They Work (CopyBlogger) – ‘Despite all the hype, native advertising, remains a fuzzy concept for most marketers. So, given the lack of awareness (& people mistaking it for other things, like sponsorship), CopyBlogger offers an overview of a dozen examples of native advertising — & why they work.’

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