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Posted by IAB Australia On December 03, 2014

Each month Denise Shrivell from MediaScope, curates a series of must read articles and insights for the digital media community.

Legacy Media Vs Digital Native (MondayNote) – From valuations to management cultures, the gap between legacy media companies & digital natives seems to widen. This excellent article provides commentary & a chart mapping the issues showing where efforts should be focused.

Fear Not the Machines – Creating SalesPerson 2.0 (Scott Bender – Linkedin) – “As media spending rapidly shifts to various programmatic channels, digital publishers are racing to meet this evolving landscape. However, as organizations build new capabilities into their tech stack, sales teams must also be retooled.”

Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing in a Data-Driven World – Written by TrinityP3 Senior Consultant Anton Buchner – this ‘definitive guide has over 27,000 words featuring insights, tips, observations, tools, platforms, strategies & much more.’

The 5 Phases of Programmatic Adoption (imediaconnection) – While programmatic spend gains steam many marketers & agencies do not have a firm grasp on how it works with each evolving at a different pace, passing through five key phases of evolution.

What Makes a Good Media Business Today & Tomorrow (MediaBriefing) – Executives from Quartz & the Economist share their views on what makes a media business fit for the present day & the immediate future. While both come from very different angles there are also clear common themes.

MasterClass: Programmatic Advertising – A comprehensive & practical guide which includes terms and definitions, trends, articles, videos – all about Programmatic Advertising.

Digital MediaScapes – 5 Year Comparison – This well known guide to the Australian digital media landscape was launched in 2010. Here we show an interesting annual comparison which highlights a fast changing and increasingly complex market.

How Algorithms Are Changing the World (BusinessSpectator) – Alan Kohler looks at the impact of data driven technology on all industries – including ‘the effect of technology, & specifically the decision-making algorithms that are replacing middle class jobs’.

A Global Review of Data-Driven Marketing (MediaMath & Global DMA) – This just released report evaluates the responses of 3,000 data-driven marketers & advertisers in 17 markets, identifying the key trends resonating with marketers the world over.

Reactvertising” – Toronto based agency john st looks at new industry innovation; where “It’s not about being funny or smart, it’s just about being fast”. Brilliant!

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