Development of Tennis Australia’s Australian Open Sonic Branding

On March 04, 2022 sonic branding

The annual Audio Advertising State of the Nation research reports consistently find that there is an under investment by brands in audio creative investment including in developing recognisable audio branding assets. 

At the 2022 IAB Australia Audio Summit Ralph van Dijk, Creative Director and Founder of Resonance Sonic Branding and Britt Wickes, Head of Event Brand Marketing, Tennis Australia shared the story behind the development of sonic branding for the Australian Open. In this video they discuss the reaons that Tennis Australia invested in sonic branding, what creative assets were developed and how it has been used across owned and paid assets. 

Britt Wickes, said the brief to its audio agency, Resonance, was to help unite its communications and create a consistent end-to-end audio experience for 2022.

“For a brand like ours, sound is synonymous with the sport – from racquets to the balls hitting the ground, roar of the crowd, live stage music – it’s prevalent in everything we do. But we didn’t have that ownable asset,” Wickes said during this week’s IAB Audio Summit. “We thought it was about time we looked into completing our brand toolkit.”

Van Dijk continues “We are finding brands that do have these assets tend to use audio platforms more often and shortform advertising using more often.”

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