Changes afoot at IAB Australia

Posted by IAB Australia On February 07, 2014

Six months ago I joined IAB Australia with a remit to represent and promote the interactive advertising industry and invited to table a new strategic framework to help the Association represent the digital industry. It was an opportunity I could not resist and I’m delighted to report it’s been both a challenging and stimulating ride so far.

There are few who would dispute the fact that our industry is experiencing extraordinary and very rapid changes as digital marketing innovations merge with traditional marketing fundamentals to create new approaches, new brand leaders and new models for success. These changes meant that it was time for IAB Australia to evolve and so with the support of my team, we are delighted to now share the first details of our strategic roadmap.

In a nutshell we intend to provide a big tent for the entire digital advertising industry and we believe our refreshed approach will allow IAB Australia to support and enable the entire digital advertising industry and to ensure that we all thrive in the digital economy.

There are some significant initiatives planned for this year, including the launch of an Agency Advisory Board; the introduction of new Councils; increased collaboration with other trade associations on a range of activities; a broadening of the IAB Membership base to be more reflective of the broader online industry; and the introduction of a new industry certification program.

Our hope is that these initiatives will ensure publishers, advertisers, agencies, marketers and any company that is involved in the sale of interactive advertising revenue will all have the opportunity to have a voice in the process of continuing to define the future of digital advertising. So I invite you to take advantage of these opportunities and speak regularly with us.

One of our first initiatives will be the launch of IAB Australia’s Agency Advisory Board in March. The Board will be comprised of senior executives from the nation’s leading creative, digital and media agencies and will be chaired by Danny Bass, Chief Investment and Intelligence Officer at GroupM Australia. The Board’s objective will be to spark dialogue among agencies, publishers and marketers which will in turn inform IAB Australia’s Guideline work.

Further details about the Councils, Industry certification program and other activities will be announced shortly. So keep an eye out for our updates and please do keep in touch and let us know how we can help you in our new digital big tent.

Alice Manners
CEO of IAB Australia

IAB Australia

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