Council Member of the Month: Justin Orchard

Posted by IAB Australia On January 10, 2017

Each month the IAB profiles a Council Member working hard to proactively define the future of digital advertising. This month we profile Justin Orchard from IAB’s Standards and Guidelines Council. 

Name: Justin Orchard

IAB Council: Standards and Guidelines

Involved in the IAB Council since: Officially joined the council in 2014, having been involved with working groups across measurement and verification since 2012.

Day job + company: Head of Sales Operations, Yahoo7

I joined the Council because: Initially I was working with members of the S&G council on ad verification in 2012. Through this I saw the great collaboration the S&G council delivered from people from many different companies, often competitors in market. This way of approaching industry challenges and working together for the greater good enticed me to join the council when the opportunity presented.  

The IAB councils provide fantastic opportunities to work with great minds in the industry on the pressing topics and challenges we face in improving digital, as well as the education of the market on many areas. Digital tech and operations being a passion of mine, the work we do on the S&G council is a satisfying way to expand the work I do at my own company.

Recent key projects the Council has accomplished: In half two of 2016, the councils began working collaboratively on some key projects which has been a great way to expand the work all councils do. The S&G and Video councils collaborated on VAST4 and the flash changes for video ads in the back half of 2016.

The S&G council also produced a refresh on HTML5 guidelines in late 2016. 

Upcoming projects the Council is currently working on: As VAST4 adoption progresses, S&G will be working across the industry to help educate and guide adoption. Working closer with the IAB Tech Lab on initiatives will also be a focus for us in 2017. Viewability and Ad blocking will continue to be key areas of discussion for the S&G council with many involved in the wider working groups for both topics.

What excites me about digital:What I love about digital is the opportunities I get to really dive into tech and operations and figure out the inner workings of things. With the rate at which technology evolves in our industry, there is always something new to sink my teeth into. In 2017, I’m excited for the advancements that will be made in the video space with VAST4 hopefully seeing a good level of adoption that will allow buyers and sellers to continue to grow in the video space in Australia.

If I wasn’t working in digital, I would be:Lately I’ve really got passionate about wine, so I will have to say something to do with that. 

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