Data Governance & Consumer Privacy

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Thursday, 21 May 2020

This webinar will be co-hosted by Ben Sharp (Regional Director – Data, Identity and Personalisation at Salesforce) and Jonas Jaanimagi (IAB) will highlight the key area of focus for Australian marketers and publishers in relation to responsible data management, its governance and the ever-evolving requirements of consumer privacy in 2020.

Ben and Jonas will be joined by Anna Johnston, Principal of Salinger Privacy, one of Australia’s most respected experts in privacy law and practice who will share her thoughts on the future of privacy for Australian media and marketing.

We will also run a Q&A with Anna as well as some of the members of our Data Council and highlight the key topics to be found in the forthcoming IAB Data Council’s Data Primer – due to be published later this month.

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Hosts & Panelists:
– Jonas Jaanimagi, Technology Lead, IAB Australia
– Ben Sharp, Regional Director – Data, Identity and Personalisation, Salesforce
– Anna Johnston, Principal, Salinger Privacy
– Angelo Sinibaldi, Director – Data Products, Nine
– Yun Yip, VP Partnerships & Country Manager, MediaMath