IAB Digital Ad Ops Webinar – Part 2: Optimising Video Yield

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Thursday, 2 July 2020

Our second webinar of our four-part series will focus exclusively on programmatic and we’ll be taking a closer look at recent evolutions in header bidding. General background, updates, best practices and recommendations will be included.

Additionally, we’ll be focussing from a product perspective on the evolving opportunities related to video, in-app environments and devices such as CTV and OTT (with Tina Tsang and Craig Berlingo from PubMatic). This will be followed by an industry panel with plenty of opportunities for attendees to also ask questions.


IAB welcome & Introduction

Jonas Jaanimagi, Tech Lead, IAB Australia

The opportunities and challenges of yield-management and efficiently executing Header Bidding across all devices
Tina Tsang, Director Customer Success ANZ, PubMatic

PubMatic Product-focused Deep Dive

Craig Berlingo, Product Lead – CTV & OTT, PubMatic

Industry panel and Q&A

Jonas Jaanimagi, Tech Lead, IAB Australia (Moderator)
Greer Lester, Lead Associate Trading Director, The Trade Desk

Luke Smith, Head of Programmatic Sales & Audiences, Seven Network
Jodi Fraser, Commercial Director – Screen, Publicis Media Exchange
Craig Berlingo, Product Lead – CTV & OTT, PubMatic