IAB Training Course: Digital Marketing Metrics

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Wednesday, 20 November 2013
9AM - 5PM


This practical one day course will give delegates a comprehensive understanding of digital metrics, analytics and how to optimise when using digital in the marketing mix.

Who should attend.

Suitable for advertisers, agencies and publishers. Ideal for brand managers, marketing managers, planners or account handlers looking to increase the ROI of their integrated or digital campaigns.

What you will learn.

  • Understand the types of data and insights digital channels can deliver
  • Set and measure marketing objectives
  • Use data to drive marketing decisions and strategy
  • Discover how to use website analytics tools
  • Explore social media metrics and optimisation
  • Understand display and cross-platform optimisation
  • Identify opportunities to optimise your digital marketing
  • Explore key measurement trends – real-time and beyond last-click & attribution modelling

Trainer: Gai Le Roy, Director of Research, IAB Australia.

Gai on being a trainer: “As digital marketing options continue to expand there is a need for more sophisticated analytics to help marketers measure the success of their activity. I am excited to be conducting this training that will give clear guidance on analytics as well as help challenge existing marketing metrics for clients, agencies and publishers.”