New & Niche Publishers – Revenue Models & Driving Digital Advertising Dollars

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Thursday, 20 August 2020
11am - 12pm

This webinar walks through revenue models available for new and niche small digital publishers with a focus on the role of digital advertising. An overview of the advertising landscape, digital ad products, user experience, measurement, data governance, sales and more. A must see webinar for smaller and emerging publishers and those who work with these publishers.


  • Overview of  Media Consumption and Local Digital Advertising Landscape
    • Gai Le Roy, CEO, IAB Australia
  • Revenue Models for Publishers 
    • Corinne Podger, Director, The Digital Skills Agency
  • Tech and Agency Partners 
    • Simon Larcey, Viztrade
    • Ben Murray, Interplay Media
    • Amy McCormack, A&A Digital
  • Publishers Panel 
    • Peter Fray, Crikey
    • Stephanie Antonis, Financial Standard
    • Mike Nesbitt – Star News Group
    • Corinne Podger, The Digital Skills Agency
  • Audience Q&A

Watch the webinar: