Open Measurement – Cross Screen Video Measurement & Verification

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Thursday, 8 October 2020
11am - 12pm

The capabilities of the Open Measurement Software Development Kit (OM SDK) for video will very shortly to be extended to also include web environments, as well as in-app.

OMSDK for video will facilitate collective third party viewability and verification measurement for video ads served across all devices and all environments (i.e. websites, mobile apps, desktop, laptops, tablets and mobile phones, CTV, OTT devices and gaming consoles) – all through the integration of a single SDK. We believe that this is an important evolution to a critical product area here in Australia and will particularly make everyone’s lives much easier with regards to campaign management, tagging and measurement/reporting.

This webinar includes a presentation from IAB Tech Lab’s VP of Product, Shailley Singh, introducing the standard, its upgrade and the benefits for publishers, vendors and buyers. We will also then discuss this product upgrade and it’s ramifications with a representative panel of Australian industry experts.

Shailley Singh, VP Product – IAB Tech Lab
Georgina Fox, Publisher Partnerships and Supply Director – GroupM
Ben Campbell, Director of Advertising & Data Products – Nine
Jessica Miles, Country Manager – Integral Ad Science
Jonas Jaanimagi, Technology Lead – IAB Australia (moderator)

Download the deck below