Global Ad Blocking Studies

The IAB Global Network is providing a collection of international studies on ad blocking:

IAB Europe | Striking a DEAL is not illegal in the EU
June 2016

IAB Canada | IAB Canada Releases New Ad Blocking study
April 2016

IAB UK | Ad Blocking Report: IAB UK Reveals Latest Ad Blocking Behaviour
March 2016

IAB France | Presentation of the Ipsos Study for IAB France on Ad Blockers (French)
March 2016

IAB Spain | Study on the Usage of Ad Blockers in Spain: Highlights or Full Report (Spanish)
March 2016

IAB Romania | Ad Blocking in Romania 
March 2016

IAB UK | Ad Blocking Software – Consumer Usage and Attitudes
November 2015

IAB Germany | PwC OVK B2B Ad Blocker Study
October 2015

Please note that full access to select pieces of research require a login and may only be accessible to local IAB members.