Google Chrome’s Privacy Sandbox Update – delays deprecation of third-party-cookies by 2 years

On June 25, 2021 google, privacy sandbox

Google has just released a blog post with an updated timeline for their Privacy Sandbox initiative including a delay on the deprecation of third party cookies in Chrome. Google has now delayed the phasing-out of the usage of third party cookies for campaign management, targeting, and measurement to mid-late 2023.

We support this news as it enables the industry to continue to work together towards future-proofed alternatives within a more constructive timeframe. However, even with this new timeline, we can’t underestimate the importance of the ongoing work that the industry must commit to in order to create an addressable future based upon consumer-led privacy and responsible accountability. IAB Australia, working closely with IAB Tech Lab, will continue to focus on building out specifications and standards which can enable digital advertising with predictable and reliable privacy. 

IAB Australia believes that a vibrant, collaborative and well-functioning ad industry here in Australia, and globally, can continue to enable an ad-funded open internet. One in which consumers can willingly participate knowing that their preferences and privileges are being fully respected and adhered to.

We recommend media and marketing organisations continue to review ongoing updates, work closely with their technology vendors around the proposed stages for deprecation (see below) and for a recent full overview of all of the moving parts within Privacy Sandbox (including links to all the specific GitHub repositories) review our member-only blog post. These relate to identity management, measurement, remarketing, cookie security, fraud detection, data collection limitations and the FLoC & TURTLEDOVE API’s.

Stage 1 (starting late-2022, for approx. 9months): Google will enable publishers and the advertising industry to start migrating and testing their services.

Stage 2 (starting mid-2023, for approx. 3months): Chrome will fully phase-out support for third-party cookies over a three month period finishing in late 2023.