A Guide to Designing Digital Ad Impact Studies – May 2019

Posted by Christian Manie On May 22, 2019 Guidelines & Best Practice

The IAB Guide to Designing Digital Ad Impact Studies has been written to provide guidance on measuring digital advertising that will add confidence and precision to marketing investment decisions.Controlled experiments represent the most effective way to validate existing marketing activities and fill gaps in knowledge. Experiments can be designed for any campaign with a hypothesis around a target KPI where a control and a test group can be practically exposed to different media. These experiments can provide insight on everything from creative design through to specific advert positioning through a users journey.

Included in the Guide:

  • Getting the basics right
  • Introduction to controlled experiments
  • Creating a good hypothesis        
  • Choose meaningful metrics
  • Getting the most from experiments
  • Learnings from Google’s Unskippable Labs ad experiments
  • How eBay and IAG are using experimental design
  • The power of context
  • Amplify: Planning for attention
  • Presenting findings of your results

Members can download the full Guide below, and the Summary One-Page is available to the general publuic.

Christian Manie