The Australian Food and Grocery Council: Responsible Advertising to Children

Posted by Lucy Halliday On March 30, 2014 Policy and Regulation

The Australian Food and Beverage Industry developed The Responsible Children’s Marketing Initiative to demonstrate its commitment to responsible marketing of foods and beverages to children.

The goal of this initiative is to ensure that a high level of social responsibility in marketing communication and marketing food and beverage products in Australia is maintained. It provides a framework for food and beverage companies to help promote healthy dietary choices and lifestyles to Australian children.

In developing the initiative, the industry has set out clear expectations in the form, spirit and context of advertising to children. It is a transparent process and signatories are required to develop and publish individual company action plans which are subject to monitoring and review processes.

The below link allows interested parties to download the RCMI and QSRI industry frameworks (two links at the top of the page).

Lucy Halliday