Alcohol Beverages Advertising (and Packaging) Code

Posted by Lucy Halliday On November 20, 2015 Policy and Regulation

The Alcohol Beverages Advertising (and Packaging) Code (ABAC) Scheme is the centrepiece of Australia’s quasi-regulatory system and is administered by a Management Committee which includes industry, advertising and government representatives. The Code is designed to ensure that alcohol advertising will be conducted in a manner which neither conflicts with nor detracts from the need for responsibility and moderation in liquor merchandising and consumption, and which does not encourage consumption by underage persons.

Australia has a quasi-regulatory system for alcohol advertising and packaging: guidelines for advertising and packaging have been negotiated with government, consumer complaints are handled independently, but all costs are borne by industry.

A complete list of codes and guidelines can be found here. Links to the most relevant documents are included below.

Lucy Halliday