Member Policy and Privacy Briefing February 2021 with Peter Leonard

On February 25, 2021 Policy and Regulation, Technical Briefings

Digital advertising people are much better than data privacy people….

Digital advertising people are much better than data privacy people at making up and using technical terms and abbreviations.

However, there is one abbreviation known to all data privacy people needs to find its way into adtech land: BOPA.

Why should digital advertising people care about BOPA?

Because the ACCC cares about BOPA, and what the ACCC concludes about it will affect who can participate, and who may earn how much, in the digital advertising supply and value chain. Does this sound overly dramatic? Calibrate this statement against the views of your friends working at Google and Facebook and media publishers – just ask them about shifts in value driven by the ACCC-invented news bargaining code.

But I’m getting ahead of myself: I need to first explain BOPA.

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