IAB Conversations: What is Premium Display Advertising?

Posted by Lucy Halliday On May 28, 2014

From time to time, questions pop up in the interactive advertising industry that don’t have easy answers. At the IAB Blog, we like to throw these out for debate and hear from as many voices with as many perspectives as possible. In the spirit of civility, we’ll call them IAB Conversations. Our CEO, Alice Manners, is kicking it off with the topic of Premium Display – and we hope you’ll join the conversation.

In a world where brand advertisers are looking for more than just click-based results, smart publishers are focusing on delivering value and performance.

High-value inventory such as in-view ads, low-clutter environments, and inventory free of suspicious engagement activity have begun to gain renewed interest while research shows that rich, interactive ads with advanced functionality and highly relevant content are key to capturing the attention of audiences.

Sounds premium, right? Or does it? How do we define the real value of digital media & what should be classified as premium display in 2014?

I’m often asked to throw my two-cents worth into the debate about Premium Display online advertising. My first response is always: how do you define it? It should come as no surprise that the answers depend on whether I’m talking with an agency, a publisher, an ad-exchange, etc.

In an industry that is constantly evolving and where the tendency to catch the “new” fever – it’s important to keep our feet firmly planted in the fundamentals. Given that the most recent PwC data reported that display advertising experienced double digit growth year on year, there is clearly a role for premium display.

I’ve posed these same questions to some of my colleagues, and we’ll be posting their responses over the coming weeks. Watch this space!

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Lucy Halliday