Member Briefings and Presentations

On January 13, 2021
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Understanding the Digital Audience Landscape

Review of Australian digital media consumption trends with details on device ownership for pc, phone, tablet, CTV and smart speakers. Analysis of how Australians are spending their time online and how current events have impacted behaviour.

30 minutes


Ad tech



Natalie Stanbury


Gai Le Roy

Digital Advertising Revenue Trends.

Market revenue

update with data

from IAB


Online Advertising Expenditure Report (OAER) along with

overseas revenue trends.

30 minutes

Sales teams

Commercial Leaders

Senior Execs

Gai Le Roy

The Digital Brand Effect

(Kantar + IAB study)

How Digital Advertising is Building Brands and Delivering Long Term Brand Impact.

45 minutes

(including Q&A)

Publisher/Ad Tech

Sales and Marketing 

Media Buyers

Marketing Teams

Natalie Stanbury


Gai Le Roy

Australian Direct Brands:

Consumer and Marketing Landscape

This study takes an

in-depth look at sustainable direct brands, their consumers and what there is to learn from their marketing approaches as well as challenges they face when scaling their customer base.

45 minutes

Brand Marketers

Media Owner Sales Teams 

Senior Media Agency Leaders

Natalie Stanbury


Gai Le Roy

History of Cookies and the Future Beyond the Cookie

This session will provide an overview on the history of cookies, tracking and how we got to where we are today as well as what is to come!

45 minutes

Ops and measurement teams

Digital marketers, agencies & consultancies

Jonas Jaanimagi

An Overview of Global  Industry Tech Standards for Digital Advertising

A session that will outline current global ad tech standards that underpin the digital ad ecosystem and look at what is coming down the track. Standards will be explanined and their role for both buy & sell side of the industry.

45 minutes

Tech & Ops for Agencies, Publishers & in-house direct teams

Ad tech companies

Jonas Jaanimagi

Getting the most out of your IAB Membership

A quick and easy guide on how you can make the most out of your IAB Membership. From Webinar and Blog Opportunities to our Events and everything in between!

15 minutes

All IAB members

Jenn Thomas

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