New Member Q&A: Vudoo

On February 07, 2024

Every now and then we like to highlight a new IAB Australia member that we think our community will find interesting. Today we meet Vudoo. Written by Manuela Cadd, Head of Strategic Global Partnerships, at Vudoo. 

Please give us some historical background to the company:

Vudoo was founded in Melbourne in 2017, and we first made our debut as an interactive video platform. Over time, our evolution has led us to deliver a category defining platform that seamlessly converts content into commerce. Our global reputation has been shaped by helping major companies such as News Corp Australia, Rip Curl, Flight Centre, and the ATO create compelling content that not only engages but also converts in unprecedented ways.

Tell us a little bit about your company's mission and vision?

We help publishers and brands transform the way their audiences engage with content. Our guiding principle has always been to turn passive viewing into active, transactional experiences. This means allowing audiences to interact, shop and make decisive actions right at the point of inspiration.

Do you have a particular 'hero product' that you are most proud of? 
Our entire range of products is worthy of mention, but if I had to pick one, it's definitely our in-stream checkout feature. It enables customers to make purchases directly within a single piece of content or ad creative without the need to click out—whether it's a video, image, or link. It can be easily integrated with eCommerce stores and payment gateways, allowing brands to extend their shopfront wherever their audience is consuming content.

What area of digital do you personally work in and how do you hope to enhance this within your business?
I'm at the crossroads of ad tech, creative storytelling, and e-commerce, where Vudoo shines. It's more than video ads; it personalises user journeys through the funnel, driving uplift across branding, consideration, and conversions. It’s been super exciting to bring that to ad tech vendors, publishers and retail platforms globally and it’s been great exploring strategic partnerships to build impactful campaigns. By working collaboratively, we're developing campaigns that not only deliver exceptional results for brands but also elevate the capabilities of all parties involved.

Please tell us what, as a child, you wanted to be 'when you grew up'?
Childhood dreams in the saddle: Horseback riding consumed me as a kid. Then, opportunity galloped in – a Sheikh envisioned a global Camel Horse Racing tour, seeking daring jockeys. I was on board to ride these desert ships, to become a Camel Racing Champion. Though my parents reined me in, that dream fuelled my adventurous spirit for years!