About the IAB Australia Mentorship Program


The IAB Mentorship Program is currently taking applications for the next round, due to kick off in February 2020.

IAB Australia’s Mentorship Program was launched in 2019 to support the younger talented staff employed by our member companies. Spearheaded by the IAB Executive Technology Council the Mentorship Program aims provide a framework for the industry to provide collaborative support to the young and rising digital talent, to better equip them for the challenging career path they have embarked upon.

All IAB Mentors are carefully vetted to ensure their suitability for the role by the Mentorship Committee and carefully place with Mentees based on their expertise, experience and availability. 

To apply, you must be employed by an IAB Australia member company, and have no more than 5 years digital industry experience. 

Some advice on getting the most from Mentorship

The IAB Mentors all hold hold senior roles in technology businesses and have hard-won and relevant experience in specialist technical, operational, product and commercial leadership. These Mentors provide support and enable the and coming and established talent in our industry in a practical and meaningful manner. 

The Mentorship Program is all inclusive and was established with the goal of promoting greater diversity and ensuring more equal opportunities in the digital technology sector.

At its most basic, the program aims to support the people within our industry in the same manner that we support them with technical standards and best practices, because while we can all agree that best-in-class technology is critical in our industry, perhaps even more important are our people.


Jonas Jaanimagi, Technology Lead, IAB Australia