3D stands out for Creative Showcase 4.4

Posted by IAB Australia On June 09, 2010 Media Releases

9 June, 2010: Visual Jazz’s ‘Dance Off 3D’ for Jay Jays has been declared the winner of this quarter’s Creative Showcase, Australia’s best free online award for creativity in digital advertising.

The winners, who were announced yesterday at the Creative Showcase 4.4 lunch, included first runner-up Tribal DDB for their work on Volkswagen’s Polo launch, while Reactive rounded out the awards with second runner-up for their Dotti Nation campaign. The winners were chosen by a panel of 10 esteemed judges from the industry.  

The winners of this quarter’s Creative Showcase round gain automatic entry into the 2010 IAB Awards “Best of Creative Showcase” awards which will be announced on 22nd July 2010.  The Creative Showcase series is now shifting to a bi-monthly format.  Entries will be accepted for work completed in the two months leading up to the close of judging for each series.  More details can be found online at www.creativeshowcase.net.au. 

Mike Zeederberg, Chair of Judges, said “This quarter’s top three showed real innovation in the way users interacted with the campaigns. Creating a full user experience shows the strength of creative Australian agencies. With two winners from fashion and another from the automotive field, it is great to have a diversity of brands being represented with top quality creative,” said Mr Zeederberg.

“It is fantastic to see Australian agencies pushing the boundaries for interactive campaigns. Embracing technologies like 3D to target users is a growing trend that brings big ideas into people’s homes. IAB continues to support Creative Showcase as they recognise the talent working in this innovative field,” said Paul Fisher, CEO of IAB Australia. 

Visual Jazz created an interactive catalogue for Jay Jay’s which combined 3D technology, dancers, music and fashion. The results were an explosive and exciting catalogue which was controlled by the viewer. One judge commented: “The interface is well thought out and the whole thing feels polished”.

First runner-up was Tribal DDB for their work on Volkswagen’s ‘Follow No One’ campaign. The campaign was created for the newly redesigned Polo and positions its drivers as “dedicated followers of no one”. The site introduces the car and features interactive options such as watching interviews with young Australian pioneers. Tribal DDB was praised for staying true to the Volkswagen brand.

Reactive rounded out the awards with their Dotti Nation campaign. Partnering with Ortolan, Reactive overhauled the Dotti website to appeal to the brand’s fashion obsessed customer based. Recognising the importance of social media to their audience, Dotti Nation uses Facebook Connect to enable the use of Facebook’s functionality without leaving the Dotti Nation site.  

The Creative Showcase competition is free and easy to enter – entrants simply register and submit the campaign online at www.creativeshowcase.net.au 

4.4 Creative Showcase Winners
Winner: Visual Jazz for Jay Jays – ‘Dance Off 3D’


First runner-up: Tribal DDB for Volkswagen – ‘Follow No One’ 
Second runner-up: Reactive for Dotti – ‘Dotti Nation’
Creative Partner: Ortolan


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