AdNews: 2013 not the next year of mobile, it’s the year of the personal retail assistant

Posted by Lucy Halliday On March 12, 2013 Media Releases

Publication: AdNews, Rupert Pay, 12 March 2013

Car dealer: So just the paperwork to complete now sir. That’ll be $39,990 drive away with air.
Customer: (holding out smartphone) Can you beat this price that I can get it for online?
Car dealer: (grimacing before reluctantly nodding) Ok then…

Ok, not quite. Yet.

We’ve all been there. (Ab)using our phones whilst out and about shopping. Checking prices so covertly that you almost feel as guilty as you would shoplifting, to then be replaced by arrogant smugness when you’ve found what you’re looking for – and it’s cheaper!

Lucy Halliday