AdNews: IAB forms Brand Safety Council to tackle ad fraud

Posted by Naima Lynch On April 24, 2014 Media Releases

The IAB has formalised the Brand Safety Council formed by the ad industry to tackle ad fraud.

One of the thorniest issues is impression fraud, where rogue publishers publishers syndicate players to sites that are not registered on an ad exchange. That leads to ads being pushed onto those illegal sites and the gangs that set them up taking the advertiser’s money. The ad platform only sees the parent site and so the scammers can avoid detection. Brand safety tools work, but are not watertight.

Such sites mimic legal sites through a technique called URL masking, tapping into different ad networks and ad servers to serve video ads.

When sites are discovered to be rogue they are blacklisted but then the perpetrators move on and the fraudsters’ technology is improving, making detection more difficult.

After a story that implicated many industry players late last year (referred to as ‘Black Thursday’), agency trading desks and advertising technology platform providers came together to tackle the problem. Around 30 individuals met up to work on education, solutions and a rapid response unit to tackle the problem as it arises.

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Naima Lynch